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  1. Mishimoto

    Mishimoto's Catch Can R&D For Nissan Z Thread

    Hello NissanZClub! Nick here from Mishimoto with the first installment of our first R&D blog for the new Z, and we wanted to start off with preserving the VR30 from, well, itself. That's right, we're talking blow-by and catch cans, and our engineering team is already working on a direct fit kit...
  2. Mishimoto

    Hey! Look what found its way into our R&D Facility!

    Hey Guys! Nick here from Mishimoto! We recently found someone nice enough to loan us their shiny new Seiran Blue performance Z to get a jump start on our protect development while we're waiting on our our allocation. I didn't have much time to photograph the car, since we only had a...
  3. Mishimoto

    Mishimoto Wants your Input!

    Hey Guys! Nick here from Mishimoto! We are absolutely STOKED to start diving into this platform once we can get our hands on one, but in the meantime, we want to hear from you on a few topics! In case you're unfamiliar with our company and what we do, make sure that you head over to our...