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  1. MycarisZ

    Who's going to modify the Katana?

    Keeping the Katana, as that is reasoning for the name of my car - Zeena (I know the spelling is different but she’s going to be a warrior)
  2. MycarisZ

    Petition: Where’s my Z

    For all the hate Nissan is getting here, I have a similar experience with a Porsche dealer earlier this year. Did not want to accept a deposit even though I am willing to pay them… cause they cannot guarantee a delivery for the next 18 months and I promptly took my money and put it on a Z. Still...
  3. MycarisZ

    Wireless charging solution?

    Makes sense, only thought would be it might fair a bit better when it comes to smudges and fingerprints?!?
  4. MycarisZ

    Wireless charging solution?

    What’s your take on using a screen protector?
  5. MycarisZ

    Wireless charging solution?

    The other day I was thinking… would a tablet screen protector work in this case?!?
  6. MycarisZ

    Wireless charging solution?

    World consider this option in future
  7. MycarisZ

    2023 Nissan Z are finally starting to roll into dealerships

    Best bet is to search for the car on the Nissan website… that is how I keep track on inventory around me.
  8. MycarisZ

    2023 Nissan Z are finally starting to roll into dealerships

    I now see Florida has at least 6 Proto cars, plan on stopping by the Deland dealer to look at the car in general.
  9. MycarisZ

    2023 Nissan Z Reviews Are In (Compiled List Inside)

    Liked his spirited driving bits over and over again.
  10. MycarisZ

    What tires will you be getting for your Z?

    Anybody have any experience with Firestone- Firehawk indy500?
  11. MycarisZ

    Disappointment with the New 2023 Z???

    No, not disappointed.
  12. MycarisZ

    Shmee drives the base model Z.

    Love those wheels, wish it was available as 19 in the Performance model too (might be in the minority here).
  13. MycarisZ

    EVEREST WHITE Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    Yes, Nismo prototype exhaust… which will eventually be available as a dealer add on.
  14. MycarisZ

    EVEREST WHITE Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    Prototype Nismo exhaust sounds so good. Also foreshadowing by Leno about the design!
  15. MycarisZ

    What if....would you consider?

    Would not consider that but reconsider obtaining a Porsche instead.
  16. MycarisZ

    2023 Nissan Z Configurator Site is Up @! -- Post Your Build!

    ALH9 V599 That’s my build. Performance model with some goodies!
  17. MycarisZ

    Should Nissan make a 300hp base model Z?

    No, 300 hp for that heavy car is going to fail to attract buyers