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  1. Toyota FJ Cruiser

    I used to have one long time ago.. pretty quirky car with 3 wipers and suicide rear doors, also pretty quick and comfy on offroad
  2. Taking my deposit back. Thank you everyone!

    i took my deposit back a few weeks ago and was abit concerned that deliveries would start right after, but now the more i see the shitshow the more i happy i cancelled my preorder😂
  3. Taking my deposit back. Thank you everyone!

    i work for a wholesale auction, thr inventory level is historical high, while conversion is historical low(starts slowly recovering though). this indicates that buyers dont offer money sellers wanna see, and the recovery indicates that sellers finally doing some reality check and accept lower...
  4. Z Rival - All-New Mustang 7th Gen (S650) Revealed

    i really wonder about msrp. coyote maybe a keller option in this car segment
  5. Nissan Z Canada build & price website is up, showing Spring 2023 availability (Canadian discussion thread)

    as a second buyer you must be on pretty heavy drugs to buy a even new Z for e.g. MSRP 61k + 13% = 69k price pre tax, so final cost would be 78k cad😂 this car objectively worth 50k cad TOP
  6. Canadian pricing announced

    I work in wholesale automotive, ssed cars market started cooling down in late july, interest rate hikes and high gas prices insanely lowering conversion, especially for trucks and v8s. Now after yet another .75 rate hike in canada, both new and used car markets will cool down even more, so i...
  7. Canadian pricing announced

    online reservation in Feb, cancelled online too
  8. Canadian pricing announced

    Okay I'm out too, cancelled my reservation. sad outcome but a relief too. maybe i ll come back in a couple of years when/if used cars start popping up with reasonable prices. Good luck everyone, hopefully deliveries start soon and the cars will worth it!
  9. 2020 Toyota Supra makes world debut

    from that angle on the thumbnail, the car looks amazing
  10. Canadian pricing announced

    that is sad news, i am on the borderline too. did you cancel it via nissan canada or directly throught the chosen dealership?
  11. Pics & Vids of Nissan Z with aftermarket wheels

    that looks amazing, reminds me aston martin
  12. GRM Nissan Z Track Review With Data

    that was exactly my thought, too bad i already preordered performance lol
  13. Disappointment with the New 2023 Z???

    funny enough when 90 supra released it felt like a disappointment.. and then the Z appeared and now supra actually looks like a better option lol, apart of questionable exterior
  14. Motortrend: 2023 Nissan Z vs. 2022 Toyota GR Supra Comparison Test

    Not a unique idea but still cover some interesting aspects The '80s are back, baby! Kate Bush is still running up a hill, people are unironically wearing Oakley sunglasses, Hyundai unveiled a concept...
  15. Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Not a unique idea but still cover some interesting aspects
  16. Nissan Z vs 370z Nismo - Drag Race and Lap Time by Throttle House

    i guess price is the key here. the performance trim is just a bit cheaper while significantly slower, im not even talking about other aspects. as for b58 comparison, its 335-382hp while the Z was pitched as 400hp, so why exactly we should have never expected the Z to beat it?..
  17. Nissan Z vs 370z Nismo - Drag Race and Lap Time by Throttle House

    they are not the only ones complaining, and i would trust the complaining ones much more than the asslicking ones, unless theres some clear bias. i dunno how power is the strongest part here lol, so far Z lost dragrace to any competition unfortunately. also here telemetry showing same straight...
  18. GRM Nissan Z Track Review With Data

    yep my bad, fixed now. it seems more problems than just exits, longer straight lines graphs exactly match 220hp BRZ, and it doesnt look like no traction there. for tires i dont remember who exactly tried michelins and it just worsen already too soft suspension issues
  19. GRM Nissan Z Track Review With Data

    Nothing really too new, still would expect incoming iTs a gT CaR😅 my surprise is BRZ straight acceleration identical to the Z, this doesnt make alot of sense for me
  20. Californians: free car down payment

    I feel like US was not designed for that..