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  1. Lin626

    Which trim level Z are you getting?

    Since we now have pricing, I'm curious to see what everyone will be getting.
  2. Lin626

    JDM Nissan Fairlady Z: Photos, Spec and Press Release

    New Fairlady Z is now live on Nissan Japan's site. English JDM Specs [PDF] 日産フェアレディZ 新たな伝説が ここからはじまる。 新型フェアレディZ “Proto Spec”登場。...
  3. Lin626

    Ikazuchi Yellow Z spotted at docks in British Columbia

    Spotted at the dock in BC Canada.
  4. Lin626

    Will this car be forever known as "400Z"?

    Even after Nissan took the covers off of the Z, people are still calling it 400Z. You go on Youtube, IG, Facebook etc. 400Z everywhere, and what's even more sadder is that fact that some dealers are still calling it as such. ?‍♀️ Like where did this crap even come from? It was pretty much common...
  5. Lin626

    New Z vs 240Z

  6. Lin626

    Where did everyone go to school? What was your major?

    Somewhat related to this thread.. I went to UH and got my bachelors in psychology. My friends and I most went into teaching after graduating. It's kind of a useless degree lol. So what is your story?
  7. Lin626

    The Z will be in dealers by May 2022? / Just heard from my dealer - first allocations arriving in May

    I saw this interesting tidbit on Z Facebook group. Has anyone heard the same info from your local dealer?
  8. Lin626

    A80 Toyota Supra appeciation thread

    :eek::eek::eek: Remember That Pristine 1995 MkIV Toyota Supra Up For Auction? It Sold For An Absurd $201k
  9. Lin626

    2022 Nissan Z will debut at Duggal Greenhouse in New York

    Saw this on FB.
  10. Lin626

    Q&A Session - To those that have seen the Z proto in person...

    Is the black roof painted or is it glass? I been wondering about this because someone said it was glass.
  11. Lin626

    Monkeypox: More than 200 contacts tracked in US for rare disease

    Ewww More than 200 people in 27 US states are being tracked for possible rare monkeypox infections, health officials say. They fear people may have come in to contact with a Texas man who brought the disease in from Nigeria earlier this month...
  12. Lin626

    Could The New Z Engine Be Nissan’s Last Twin-Turbo V6? According to a report by Best Car Web, the engine that will be used in the upcoming Z (Fairlady Z in Japan) could be Nissan’s last twin-turbo V6 due to emission regulations and the need for carbon...
  13. Lin626

    Buying New or Pre owned

    Are you going to buy your Z new or wait awhile for a used one to pop up?
  14. Lin626

    Should Nissan bring back the 2+2 layout?

    I don't have kids yet, but when and if the time comes it would be nice to have somewhere to throw the kiddos.