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  1. For the love of (preferred deity)!

    Can’t go wrong with a 7.5 R. Always had a soft spot for them. They can handle some serious power too. I think they look good as well. Manual tranny can’t handle as much power, but the DSG sure can. I went for a C7 Z51. Still wanted a manual so the C8 was out. I just love the Vette seating...
  2. For the love of (preferred deity)!

    There are like 5 regulars and lots of dust bunnies. Aren’t there only something like 2 members with Z’s? Maybe we can talk about Black Friday deals? Anything interesting there?
  3. World Premiere of All-New Prius in Japan

    It's because there are a lot of closet Prius fans. Hopefully that's okay to say in 2022...Now that they make it look presentable, everyone rejoices!! But seriously, I've always appreciated the Prius. If I commuted a lot it would be my #1 pick I think. I care more about function over form. My...
  4. 2020 Toyota Supra makes world debut

    Some people do. They say it's more balanced. I say loosen the purse strings.
  5. Manual Z delivery delays

    Nissan is still hanging their hat on the supply chain issues. Yes, they still exist but to a lesser degree. Other manufacturers seem to be managing. We now have the new CTR and manual Supra. And then like 5 Z's in the past 2 years...
  6. Manual Z delivery delays

    So Dan got mad at the forum? He should've known what to expect when entering an enthusiast car forum. The internet is brutal, and car forums are perhaps the most brutal. Sounds like he couldn't stand the heat so had to get out of the kitchen. I don't feel bad at all. I don't see anything that...
  7. Manual Z delivery delays

    Did we hear his take on anything? I don't recall ever seeing anything of substance from him. I didn't read everything of course so maybe I'm wrong?
  8. (Markup Thread) NorCal dealer called this morning said 2 yellow proto manual and auto are in

    I mean he’s not wrong. They can charge whatever the market will bear. You don’t see people telling dealerships to raise prices of discounted vehicles to MSRP. Dealerships had their time. It’s slowly starting to turn so back to heavy discounts especially as interest rates rise. Plus he works for...
  9. Honda Civic Type-R Discussion - 5th & 6th gen (2017+)

    Nissan has been floppin for two decades. We all should've kept the bar low, very low.
  10. *** street racing ***

    Did you just pull some reverse psychology on me 🧐. I should probably get back to my nightcap.
  11. *** street racing ***

    I think we're saying the same thing (well, I didn't really say it). So it sounds like most agree they would do something even if it's just stopping to call 911. To the extent involves that person's level of training, comfort, etc. I have zero medical training and wouldn't even feel comfortable...
  12. *** street racing ***

    Nah it's all good. It's the internet. Most people disappoint me.
  13. *** street racing ***

    My apologies. Can you share how I should interpret the below? I don't blame people for driving off. What are they supposed to do? Maybe you and I live in a different world but one person leisurely drove around a horrible wreck that just happened in front of their eyes. Probably in a hurry to...
  14. Sarah-n-Tuned 2023 Z Review

    He (I mean she) really sold it though! Just a joke guys! It's 2022 after all.
  15. *** street racing ***

    Interesting perspective. I sure hope you don't find yourself in such an unfortunate incident and people turn a blind eye.
  16. *** street racing ***

    I was thinking the same. How screwed up is that? You just witnessed a horrific crash and just went on about your day like nothing happened. Disgusting.
  17. 2022 BMW 2-Series Coupe G42 Leaked! + M2

    Yes, isn't that unbelievable!? I mean a car that size should should not weight that much. But onto the butt. I didn't think you could do worse than the new WRX, but BMW said hold my beer.
  18. RevMatchTV - Is the Z Better Than The 2024 Mustang?

    Shoot you're on the other side of the pond! Yes for $50k USD in the good ole USofA there are several options for $50k that include mag ride, active exhaust, better handling, faster, etc. We'll see how the Z fairs after the initial hype wears off. Cars are too dang expensive is AUS.
  19. RevMatchTV - Is the Z Better Than The 2024 Mustang?

    What about the well documented 2nd gear grind in the Z? And they haven’t even sold 100 units. Agreed, MT-82 sucks. I think the dark horse will have the good tranny. Truth be told I really want to like the Stang, but just can’t get there. Problem with the Z is the price. It’s a terrible value...