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  1. First Z sport trim rolling out

    I saw some around me as well. Priced at around 41K online. Who knows what the dealerships will ACTUALLY want for them once they get them, however. People also forget that this is basically just a 370z with a 5 year old Infiniti engine and a manual gearbox. Just trying to kill some of the hype here.
  2. Petition: Where’s my Z

    Just buy a used sports car at this point, honestly. Or a used anything, really.
  3. 2023 Nissan Z are finally starting to roll into dealerships

    seriously everything seems like they're taking a carve out of the people, whether its gas prices, housing prices, and now cars. This can't go on any longer
  4. 🙌 Delivery!! I’m picking up a Z Proto 6spd

    That actually looks like a tempting alternative to the Z and Supra for some people. Great that it's a manual too
  5. Disappointment with the New 2023 Z???

    I'm waiting for a good time as well
  6. has any one tried putting z34 (370z ) parts to rz34 (z), what can be used and what can fit ?

    Either way I doubt it really matters as much with turbo cars
  7. has any one tried putting z34 (370z ) parts to rz34 (z), what can be used and what can fit ?

    I don't think a single consensus was found on the 370z or G37 boards. There's also the Tomei which is 80mm (roughly 3.15 inches)
  8. Toyota GR Corolla

    So it's bigger and heaver than the GR Yaris, but it has the same engine
  9. MK5 Supra Sales US

    I'm not spreading misinformation. Just my little thoughts.
  10. Disappointment with the New 2023 Z???

    The diff looks like it's still mounted with only one bolt on the cover end. Two bolts would be nice.
  11. The Z dyno thread

    Are there any differences between the Z engine and the Infiniti ones?
  12. Best looks at the 2023 Z undercarriage

    So the USDM Z doesn't come with resonators...
  13. Best looks at the 2023 Z undercarriage

    I was just looking at that too, and I'm guessing that half of the sound vibrations from each pipe goes into the resonator at the end, and the other half exits the tips after going through a roughly 90 degree bend.
  14. Nissan Z Meme Thread

    The new Z is growing on me.
  15. Which Nissan Z Generation Is Your Favorite?

    The Z32 was the nicest Z ever made
  16. MK5 Supra Sales US

    I'm not trying to hate, but as a serious MKIV Supra fan, the new Supra just doesn't stack up. And they are well aware of it too. As the consumers that we are, however, we have no choice but to take the spoon that feeds the mouth.
  17. MK5 Supra Sales US

    The new Supra is also roughly half the price of the MKIV Supra for its era, which could attest to the higher sales figures. The MKIV Supra if priced today would be closer to the cost of the GTR.
  18. MK5 Supra Sales US

    The front end of the MKV Supra is fine, it's actually grown on me to a point where I can say that I like it. The rest of the car, however, as you can also see in this picture, looks like they took a serious design and then compressed it where now it doesn't look far off from a cartoon version...
  19. Automatic transmission Z is part of Nissan recall & stop sale campaign

    It's 2022. They still can't make an automatic transmission that actually works? I call some sort of BS on this one :D