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  1. Revealing the All-New 2021 Ford F-150

    Tow No! The Ford F-150 Lightning Struggled in Our Towing Test
  2. The Z dyno thread

  3. Nissan Z Canada build & price website is up, showing Spring 2023 availability (Canadian discussion thread)

    That sucks for Canada. The US is still getting normal Zs for the fall correct?
  4. Z Deliveries Begin in Japan! 🎌

    More Zs on Japanese roads
  5. Z Deliveries Begin in Japan! 🎌

    Yeah a lot of them have been spotted driving around in Japan
  6. WOW that's a fugly car thread

    Yeah I'm bored since Nissan is dropping the ball on the Zs rollout... So post a pic of the ugliest car you can think of. and go...
  7. Automatic transmission Z is part of Nissan recall & stop sale campaign 2022/09/29 Improvement measures for Fairlady Z Until the countermeasure program is ready, please be sure to apply the parking brake when parking or stopping. Improvement...
  8. What's in the news today... (NO COVID / POLITICS)

    Another school shooting... but no one died.
  9. 1st gen Acura NSX appeciation thread

    The dealer just lowered the price by $5k 🤣