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  1. Petition: Where’s my Z

    For Nissan … they have choosen to meet the us market demand due to greed … notice how the only market able to mark up the cars is seeing them first. Nissan is showing its true colours on its care for the customer… I jumped ship and pulled my deposit back as I can’t justify supporting this...
  2. Manual Supra Confirmed for 23?

    i am just wondering if picking the Z over the supra will yeild the same results as last generations. imagine being back in 1997 and choosing a 300zx over a 1997 supra brand new from factory ... i think you would feel pretty foolish now saying the 300zx was the smart choice.
  3. Nissan Z Canada build & price website is up, showing Spring 2023 availability (Canadian discussion thread)

    What’s crazy is spec’d out right now the new Z is coming in at just under $73000 and Nissans advertised interest rate is 7.49-7.89%. Not sure how much higher the price can get and how many people are actually willing to pay it
  4. Nissan Z Canada build & price website is up, showing Spring 2023 availability (Canadian discussion thread)

    what gets me the most is they cant update pre-orders or lock in pricing. wonder what the price will be now? glad I cancelled my pre-order. atleast we can build and configure now on the website
  5. Nissan Z Canada build & price website is up, showing Spring 2023 availability (Canadian discussion thread)

    the fact they cant even send out an update to the pre-orders is what gets me the most.
  6. Canadian pricing announced

    I said brink of bankruptcy…. Company isn’t doing spectacular my guy! Shares keep falling lower and investors are going to be crying and hopefully that leads to discounts! The supply issue needs to be fixed first but at the same time I’m seeing trucks, toys, sports cars pile up on lots here in...
  7. Dealer Update in Alberta

    any update on this? or are the dealers still blowing smoke ...
  8. Raiti's Rides... Is the 2023 Nissan Z Performance the KING of sports cars worth the price?

    I think he does a good job at highlighting the car's feature's but Id never listen to this guy about performance. also the clickbait titles always get me with him
  9. Canadian pricing announced

    Do you work for a dealer?
  10. Canadian pricing announced

    Exactly … next year this will be a 40,000cad car with Nissan on the brink of bankruptcy.. I’ll wait until then!
  11. 🙌 Delivery!! I’m picking up a Z Proto 6spd

    In for the picture of all three!! Congrats on the purchase … as someone that has only sat in the passenger seat and went for a ride … can you confirm the suspension is soft in stock form?? Obviously I know the feeling from a passnager seat is different then I drivers so I’d love to hear your...
  12. Canadian pricing announced

    What numbers ? That’s literally what my dealer sent me for a 370z on their lot because they knew I’m tired to waiting and that’s without bs warranties they also tried to add on at first that most will be hit with .. also dealers will look to find people that want financing to maximize profit...
  13. Music Thread : What are you listening to?

    Spirited drive? Phonk is my music Right now it’s anything by - hxvrmxn don’t hate me if you find yourself with flashers behind you tho
  14. Canadian pricing announced

    I agree but wonder what interests rates will be then. If you have 70k cash to spend then kudo’s but personally I had around 30k and expected it to go further. With having to finance 40k at what could be 7-10% interest is an easy walk away for me. If they locked interest or pricing in it would of...
  15. Nissan Z vs 370z Nismo - Drag Race and Lap Time by Throttle House

    St Catherine’s Nissan, has the only one on order and pulled out afterwards because of the fit and finish and the test drive proved the car needs a lot of work! Plus I drove a new brz and was blown away for 40k The looks and 400hp definitely are what’s carrying this car! I’d be surprised if...
  16. Nissan Z vs 370z Nismo - Drag Race and Lap Time by Throttle House

    Seems like a lot of guys don’t want to admit the car is an overpriced piece of garbage that Nissan has thrown together from a parts bin and trying to pass on to their customers for a premium to save their company from bankruptcy. I’ve owned new Nissan’s with updated interior, I sat in a new Z...
  17. 2023 Nissan Z are finally starting to roll into dealerships

    contacted st catherines nissan yesterday, they informed me the same and said they figure each dealer MAY see 1 car by end of the year and no guarantee if its the first ordered or not, I finished the phone call with "I would like to cancel my order and receive my deposit back". I have an...
  18. Canadian ordered Z

    up in the air, I have just over 30k saved for a toy and my current only debt is my mortgage so I may hold off until next spring and call this year a wash and see what continues to happen to the car market, housing market, interest rates, economy. If what I see happening is true I may end up...
  19. Canadian ordered Z

    That’s my silvia in the photo, I was waiting on price and release. Release was suppose to be back in early June… interest rates have significantly rose since June and the pricing is over what I’m willing to spend atm… if they released it back in June it would of been a no brainer but with only...
  20. Canadian ordered Z

    just a update on this and why i am cancelling. I will be cancelling my Z order today in ontario canada because of the economy and current situation. originally the outgoing 2020 370z was priced starting at 29,999 here in canada. given the carry over of the platform I put the new Z pricing at...