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    WOW that's a fugly car thread

  2. TheGuverment

    Taking my deposit back. Thank you everyone!

    It’s surprising how fast people are already getting manual Supra’s before Z’s. I wasn’t expecting that to happen at all. Come on Nissan
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    What's in the news today... (NO COVID / POLITICS)
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    What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    I’d gladly take a 2.0 Supra at this point and just eventually trade up. For as much crap as people give it for being a 4cyl, it’s got some pretty decent reviews.
  5. TheGuverment

    2022 BMW 2-Series Coupe G42 Leaked! + M2

    looks really good right here. 🤙🏾
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    Z Rival - All-New Mustang 7th Gen (S650) Revealed

    Here’s a photoshop from the other forum without the black plastic.
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    Next Gen 2024 Ford Mustang Spied

    Not an American/muscle car guy at all, but this actually looks ace. The gaming monitor ruins the interior though.
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    First Leaked Images of Ferrari Purosangue SUV

    This thing is actually incredible. Looks a hell of a lot better than that trash Urus. This actually looks like there was effort and thought put into this as opposed to the Lamborghini. The Urus looks like they just threw it together.
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    🙌 Delivery!! I’m picking up a Z Proto 6spd

    OP made it up out the hood before everyone else y’all! Congrats!!
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    Manual Supra Confirmed for 23?

    I say the same sht, like why don’t so many of these people love EV’s then since all they care about is going fast in a straight line and nothing else. It’s also funny how they’ll trash manual because of “traffic” but then go on the hype 0-60’s, shift times and big horsepower. Like weren’t y’all...
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    Toyota GR Corolla

    Sounds good, but too bad about the current market affairs. At this point I don’t even know why they still disclose pricing. These will also be non existent and priced completely out of the intended market.
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    Motortrend: 2023 Nissan Z vs. 2022 Toyota GR Supra Comparison Test

    • Disproportionate looks • Not a true Toyota Some pretty weak cons if I’m being honest.
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    Toyota GR Corolla

    Snapped from Reddit.
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    Automatic transmission Z is part of Nissan recall & stop sale campaign

    Could you guys imagine what would’ve happened if the Supra had a recall before it even went on sell.
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    Dealership Collusion???

    How do manufacturers even expect to sell these things? 86’s, Z’s, GR Corollas etc, there is absolutely no way with how dealers are screwing people.