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  1. nms1s

    Taking my deposit back. Thank you everyone!

    It's been awesome getting to know the Z community and hopefully one day I'll get to be a true member of it, but for now I have to say goodbye. I've been waiting for my Z since March and with zero progress since then I gotta pull the plug on this. No VINs, no timeframe, MSRP expected to be...
  2. nms1s

    The Nismo exhaust for the new Z. Is it worth it?

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of the Nismo exhaust for the new Z. How much would this option have to cost for you to check the box or would you at all? Here are some samples for people who haven't heard it yet. I personally think it does well at adding some depth and aggressiveness to...
  3. nms1s

    What tires will you be getting for your Z?

    Many reviews have already pointed out that the Bridgestone Potenza S007s aren't exceptional, especially at putting all that power down. Even though I plan on keeping them for now, I do consider upgrading them next year to something that will get the most out of this car. Now, my tire knowledge...