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  1. digitaltrance

    400Z Production Colors Simulation Renderings

    Can we get some retro colors from the 240Z?? :p I am loving that clean white.
  2. digitaltrance

    No adaptive steering for Nissan 400Z

    Keep the analog gauges too! ;)
  3. digitaltrance

    Nissan Z spotted at Willow Springs

    I have to see that yellow in person, I keep getting mixed feelings about it. Also would like to see it with the roof the same color. Beautiful either way!
  4. digitaltrance

    2022 Nissan Z Spied in Silver Again (@ Arizona)

    I hope they have some retro ext. colors!
  5. digitaltrance

    Is the new Z front grille removable?

    I just saw this, maybe it just for proto type purposes. (check around 30 secs)
  6. digitaltrance

    New Nissan Z (400Z) Officially Teased in Video!

    Sept 15th can't come soon enough!!!!!!!
  7. digitaltrance

    Nissan finally approves 370Z successor — or does it?
  8. digitaltrance

    Z35 Speculation & 2017 Tokyo Autoshow

    So I guess nothing from Tokyo Auto Show regarding the next Z.
  9. digitaltrance

    Nissan Z Concept To Debut This Fall! 500+ HP Hybrid Z May Be In The Works

    Like it, but that front grill though! Gotta see the rear too. Love the sharp front bumper and the sharp roof line. Rims are a good design.
  10. digitaltrance

    Nissan Z Concept To Debut This Fall! 500+ HP Hybrid Z May Be In The Works

    Gah, Nissan's typical mixed signals when it comes to the Z. I will say though, even if there will be a Z35 I just hope it's not all digital. The way things are going, looks like its all drive by wire at this point and that COULD be a deal breaker for me.
  11. digitaltrance

    Nissan Z35 won't be crossover. Will be smaller, more affordable, more mainstream

    I just wish they would consider a Targa top design like the 300ZX had. But then again, I understand why they wouldn't because of the hassles that come with it.
  12. digitaltrance

    Next Nissan Z Could Be Simply Called "Z"

    I think it will be called 300Z-TT