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  1. Houston.RZ34

    Dealership Collusion???

    Nobody wants it, I have yet to see a markup on one aside from the normal inflated post covid values. I drove one, it really is a topless Mk V
  2. Houston.RZ34

    health & fitness thread

    Eating less and doing more is I just need to keep it up. Down 15 lbs since 7/29.
  3. Houston.RZ34

    First wave of Zs have landed in the U.S.

    Protos (and Yellows) were first to be produced, I think Yellow is going to be a 1 year only color.
  4. Houston.RZ34

    Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept -- Electric Muscle Cars Incoming

    I love how Dodge owns their own image. "Is this the slipperiest car ever?.......NOPE! And, that's OK! - we don't care! We're willing to sacrifice some range so we can look BAD. ASS." "I don't care if it's an had to sound like a Dodge!" "We have a Donut Mode!" This has my curiosity.
  5. Houston.RZ34

    Next Gen 2024 Ford Mustang Spied

    I have seat time in 6th gen Camaros. Visibility isn't as awesome as everything else but if you can still see out the damned thing, adjust your mirrors properly you'll be fine. And yeah, the doors are really high - I'm 6'0" and the top of the door is shoulder level - you really sit IN that...
  6. Houston.RZ34

    Next Gen 2024 Ford Mustang Spied

    If that's the case, I think I have a new target for a toy car......if it can out handle (at least match) a 6G SS/1LE
  7. Houston.RZ34

    Still willing to pay markup after all the reviews?

    The RZ34 is not a 50k car, period - end of story. 35k base Sport, 40k Performance, 42.5k Proto and all the other "1 Year Only" versions we're gonna get. (like Green w/ Tan interior, etc)
  8. Houston.RZ34

    Swapping out the OEM Bridgestones for PS A/S4s?

    I would go PS4S in the South, PS4 A/S if you see snow.
  9. Houston.RZ34

    Savagegeese pits the 2023 Nissan Z vs Supra

    Dodge 101 R/T aka Lil' Hemi: 5.7L, 370hp/410tq 392/ScatPack/Daytona: 6.4L, 485hp/475hp Hellcat: 6.2L Supercharged, 707hp/650tq Hellcat Red-eye/Jailbreak: 6.2L Supercharged, 797hp/707tq Demon: 6.2L Supercharged, 840hp/770tq Ghoul aka the Swan Song: 1000hp? Weights 4,415 lbs Challenger...
  10. Houston.RZ34

    health & fitness thread

    Did Keto 2017-2020, dropped 152 lbs in the process. (Wife taught me how to do it after she dropped over 100 herself 2015-2017) 2020, Fresh produce and quality meat got kinda hard to find for a bit.....ate a ton of boxed bullshit and gained 50 lbs back by 2022. Got back on the Keto Wagon in...
  11. Houston.RZ34

    VR30DDTT more reliable than B58?

    The stick part is a hope I personally have, everything else is on the table.
  12. Houston.RZ34

    NISMO Z Prototype Spied Testing!

    Thanks for catching my hasty typo, yes I meant 432.
  13. Houston.RZ34

    NISMO Z Prototype Spied Testing!

    There's the 6 piston fronts! The Nismo is going for a "423" vibe this time, remember..."all in on "Nostalgia" this time around" Don't get too happy yet......the price is not going to be what we're used to.
  14. Houston.RZ34

    VR30DDTT more reliable than B58?

    Correct, don't forget the Kouki tail lights and new front clip. It's going to be marketed as a "4 Door Z" and "All New" until the electric replacement comes later. I wouldn't be surprised if the RS400 even gets a stick.
  15. Houston.RZ34

    Next Gen 2024 Ford Mustang Spied

    I'd be hopeful but it's going to be s550.5 and based off my time in pre-refresh s550 GTs - the handling just isn't there.