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  1. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Watch the Z get window tint

  2. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Your Username and Meaning 🙋🏻‍♂️

    I saw this thread on the other side and thought it would be fun to start one here. I pick this username because it was one of my favorite lines from the 1st F&F movie. 😂 go...
  3. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Rocky 3000GT - A Toyota 2000GT replica for $200k

    I didn't even know this thing existed until today.
  4. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    What changes were made to VR30?

    Q60 = 2997cc Z = 3042 cc
  5. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Nissan Z Meme Thread

  6. 2JZ-No-Sh*t

    Are you getting manual or automatic?

    I believe the break down for the 370Z was about 50/50. What are you guys getting and why?