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  1. johnny_10196

    Nissan Z Nismo rendering

    Yay or nay?
  2. johnny_10196

    Alta Nissan in Canada now accepting 2023 Z reservations
  3. johnny_10196

    Z Face Off: Which Front Design Do You Prefer?

    Which one does everyone prefer, left or right?
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    Nissan Z spotted w/ Supra

    Here's a bigger photo.
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    Should we be worried about the Z's reliability, fit and finish?

    Just saw this on the Z facebook group. \
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    Pics & Vids of Nissan Z with aftermarket wheels

    I started this thread on our sister forum and it got pretty popular, so why not do the same thing here.
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    VR30DDTT: 300hp vs 400hp

    Let me start off by saying I'm not a Nissan guru by any means. So let's say the new Z does come with a base 300hp model. Isn't it the same exactly motor as the Q60 Red Sport? If yes, can't you just get the base 300hp and do some tuning to get to the 400+hp mark?
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    2022 Nissan Z teased!

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    Will retro wheels look good on the new Z?

    What are retro styled JDM wheels do you think look good on the new Z?
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    Are you removing your badges?

    Are you going to keep them or take them off?
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    Will the Z35 be your first Z? / Are you a Nissan Virgin?

    I'm just curious to see who is in the same boat as me? I never owned a Z car before. I actually never even owned a Nissan product in general. I came close a few times with a G35 coupe and QX56 but never pulled the trigger because if Nissan's reputation of questionable quality. I'm hoping since...
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    YouTube redesign videos

  13. johnny_10196

    Front Plate Placement & Custom Plates

  14. johnny_10196

    Side by side comparison of the leaked 400Z & Z Proto

    How it stacks up to the Z proto.
  15. johnny_10196

    You Can Finally Drive The Nissan Z Proto / Nissan Z Gaming Thread
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    The Movie Review Thread

    Anyone see any good or crappy movies lately? Post up your thoughts and reviews. Also any upcoming movies you are excited about? I saw Mortal Kombat on HBO Max. It was alright. I would give it a 3 out of 5.