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  1. 50k for the Z vs 100k for the LC500?

    I know not exactly apples to apples but the question is more regarding $50,000 for the value added in the In The Z versus all the amenities in the LC and whether it’s really worth another 50 K?
  2. Is the Z easier to get in and out of ….

    I’m getting up there. The vette is near the ground and the Supra I hit my head on the roof. I wonder how the seat height of the z compares to the Supra actually since I have t seen the z yet ?
  3. Which paint colors will cost extra ?

    I saw blue and also ….? How much. Blue is 1295 I think?
  4. The Z interior on par with Supra?

    I haven’t seen The z interior in person. Wonder how the material feels and looks and the seats and extras are ?
  5. Went to Fort Lauderdale car show today…

    No Z. Ofcourse. Sat in the Supra. Nice. But has anyone thought about a RC 350 Lexus. That thing was sweet. And the interior quality kicks Supra and Z’s ass.
  6. Toyota cyberattack

    They got hit. Fingers crossed Nissan is good to go….
  7. What percent tint on white car with black roof

    Not worried about police pull over. But I know 5 percent too dark. Is 20 or 35 all around or 20 in back and 35 on sides ???
  8. Has that front grille growing on you yet ?

    Did Nissan take any of our concerns to heart before the production car ? So many cars with Huge grilles these days, I wonder ifmthis grille will stand the test of time ? Thoughts ?
  9. Best guess as to when Z pricing and/or ordering will begin?

    This is agonizing….
  10. How/what exactly are you placing your order at dealerships ?

    For instance. Color of your choice, then sport vs performance,auto vs manual…..that’s it ? what else would you need to remember to specify with the dealer ?
  11. Lotus emira price is out. vs Z !

    New pricing out. 74.9 for i4 amg. 93.9 roughly for v6 Toyota ice. Thoughts ?
  12. Show me the red interior…. / Why don’t we have a production red interior picture yet?

    Cmon Danny. It’s gotta be out there somewhere ?
  13. Please add ventilated seats to the performance package ….

    For all of us south of the mason dixon line. Pretty please.
  14. Dan Passe. You guys have got to have ventilated seats…..

    Most of my driving will be in the summer. Not winter months. this is a summer sports car. Keep the heated seats if you must but atleast give us an option for cooling ??
  15. When will the 2023 Nissan Z come out ……?

    If the 2022 is released, say in march will it be abbreviated and then branded as a 23 model in say October 22?