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  1. Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept -- Electric Muscle Cars Incoming

    Agreed. Makes sense to have a cheap version for those that don't need the longer range, higher hp/tq, etc but there will definitely be a market for those that have the money to spend on the top of thr line version.
  2. Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept -- Electric Muscle Cars Incoming

    I'm digging it. Want to see how close the production will be and price before getting hopes up though.
  3. 2023 Nissan Z Configurator Site is Up @! -- Post Your Build!

    Quite a few options. Interior lighting has 20 different colors. Wonder if the digital key option is the same as the nissan connect app you just download on your phone.
  4. lexus es350 f sport or is350 f sport 2022 or model 3 basic ?

    Between those it would be the tlx type s
  5. BOULDER GRAY Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    Awesome. This is my top color choice.
  6. Next Gen 2024 Ford Mustang Spied

    I don't hate it, need to see in person before final judgement.
  7. Nismo Z will participate in Fuji 24 hour Race test

    Looks good. Looking forward to seeing how much of this makes it to the upcoming Z Nismo.
  8. First Leaked Images of Ferrari Purosangue SUV

    Ferrari SUV 🤮. Guess those soccer moms/dads need to get the kids to drop off really fast :rolleyes:
  9. Is Nissan Testing a Z Proto Bumper or New Front Fascia?

    The camo front end looks like it has a cross bar and some type of vents in the corner sections that are heavily camoed. I'm still thinking Nismo.
  10. Body-Colored Roof, who wants one?

    I've seen it in person and the ones with black roof. I just prefer the way it looks with the black roof better. Nothing wrong with getting the body color though, just not for me.
  11. Body-Colored Roof, who wants one?

    I'm team black roof. Without the black roof I don't like the way the car looks, something just doesn't look right. Gunmetal was my first choice until I found out it doesn't come with the black roof. Maybe that combo will be on the Nismo.
  12. Is Nissan Testing a Z Proto Bumper or New Front Fascia?

    Smells like the makings of a Nismo! 😁
  13. Central 20 Exhaust for the 2023+ Z with quad exhaust tips

    Don't like it. Might look okay if they were side by side, but stacked like that looks hideous.
  14. First wave of Z's have landed in the U.S.

    Good to see they are showing up now but yellow is my least favorite color on the new Z.
  15. 2023 Z Performance listed for $58,287 by Guam Nissan dealer (as of 10 hrs ago)

    Wonder how big this dealership is as they already have 3 and could get more in.
  16. AT vs MT 0-60 times

    The crappy tires definitely kept it from dipping into the high 3's.
  17. What the NISMO Should Be

    I have heard this as well. Considering that it shares the same chassis as the Q60, which offers AWD, I could see this happening. It would help getting the power to the ground and performance.
  18. Bros FOURR Speed's 2023 Nissan Z Review

    Nice, with better tires it should be able to dip into the high 3 seconds.