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  1. First wave of Z's have landed in the U.S.

    Apparently there's some A's also.
  2. Dealership Collusion???

    Every local televsion news affiliate has a "consumer unit" with designated investigators/reporters. Unredact the names, and forward copy to the station directly. They exist to expose consumer frauds, rip-offs, and scams. This qualifies under all 3.
  3. What features are missing from the Z, that the 370Z had?

    The front hinged hood.
  4. Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept -- Electric Muscle Cars Incoming

    The rims are usually styled to cover up the regenerative braking system and improve range by decreasing ventilation drag coefficient. Wheels with ideal aerodynamics don't necessarily look better.
  5. Nismo trim with VR38dett ?

    Add at least $40k for that handbuilt engine alone
  6. Official Nissan Z Nismo Discussion / News & Speculation via Bestcarweb Japan

    If you're willing to count $4k for the brake upgrade, then its only $11k for the rest. 🤔
  7. Random Car News Thread

    Good cause...bad interior.
  8. Jay Leno's Garage Episode: 2023 Nissan Z

    If BBE decides to make one for the VR30.
  9. Jay Leno's Garage Episode: 2023 Nissan Z

    ...add Z1, Greddy, HKS, Invidia and Borla to that cat back list, they have all been popular for the Q platform.
  10. What if....would you consider?

    I'd expect to see graphene-based batteries become the standard for EV track use.
  11. Jay Leno's Garage Episode: 2023 Nissan Z

    While Jay Leno can generate publicity and its fun to think that Nissan Corporate solicited his opinions, Alfonso Albaisa and Tamura-san had much more to do with the final design of the new Z.
  12. Z1 Unveils New Touring Exhaust For 2023 Nissan Z

    I was going to say length and girth of the pipe, but I like your answer more
  13. What if....would you consider?

    Certainly I would consider It, especially if it looked like a 2-door RS e-tron GT at that price.
  14. Let's talk about weight

    83lbs difference. Fuel level could be a part of that for sure. Its more than likely related to one or both of the scales not being properly calibrated for accuracy. Two different scales will often provide wildly different readings. I'm sure that everyone recognizes that your home bathroom...
  15. Pics & Vids of Nissan Z with aftermarket wheels

    Tires are 305/30R19 and 275/35R19
  16. Z1 Unveils New Touring Exhaust For 2023 Nissan Z

    Due to Z1 already having all the parts in stock?
  17. Z1 Unveils New Touring Exhaust For 2023 Nissan Z

    Immediate benefits of recycling the Z34 chassis, and years of working on 3.0t Q's
  18. What is your maximum 'willingness to pay'?

    Received this from Wesley Chapel Nissan yesterday. Since I'm not interested in owning a yellow car, I didn't bother discussing details.