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  1. takemorepills

    Buying an older Japanese car.....

    I'm looking for opinions... I have a chance to buy a clean, all original 1990 CRX Si for a fairly good price. However, I am hesitant. Hesitations: - theft magnet. this problem is still serious to this day. - would need to be a fair weather car, must stay in garage. - parts. I did look around a...
  2. takemorepills

    Mercury Mistress

    Remember when cars had the gas filler behind the license plate?
  3. takemorepills

    Nissan sent out email about the new Z

    This morning I received an email from Nissan USA re-affirming the Spring 2022 arrival of the new Z. They also included a link to register for more info...
  4. takemorepills

    Complaint about the Z release

    Up until now, I have "bit my tongue" about how Nissan is handling the Z release. I am grateful the TT Z is coming back. I understand the challenges of production in a pandemic fearing world. However. I have just witnessed how other manufacturers handle roll-outs of new, exciting, long-awaited...
  5. takemorepills

    Hmm, about the VR30DDTT......

    I'm at the Infiniti dealership getting my Q60 serviced right now, and there's a Q50 on the lift with its engine removed. Turbos pulled off. Service rep says it's common issue on this engine. And, as we already know, an engine-out affair. Gonna start waffling about the new Z.
  6. takemorepills

    Petition Nissan to make available LCD cluster themes

    A few weeks back I posted on the other, less popular forum, that Nissan should make retro-themed (and maybe some other themes that are popular, like GTR?) graphics themes available for the new Z's LCD cluster: I did see that at least one person mentioned the idea on these forums, but I'd like...