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  1. MRichter

    Motortrend First Drive 2023 Nissan Z Review
  2. MRichter

    2023 Z Performance listed for $58,287 by Guam Nissan dealer (as of 10 hrs ago)

    Nissan Guam listed a 2023 Z Performance Spec for $58,287 about 10 hours ago. Another photo posted by the dealer. Looks like there's multiple new Z's on their lot, so the yellow ones are probably already sold?
  3. MRichter

    Official color options (w/ interiors) for 2023 Nissan Z in US market

    Official color options for 2023 Nissan Z -- in US market released by @Dan_Passe
  4. MRichter

    2022 Nissan Z Has 400 HP, Costs $34,995 As Insider Spills The Beans
  5. MRichter

    Nissan vows lighter future models

    Just saw this news about Nissan's lightweight program. This bodes well for the Z (hopefully).
  6. MRichter

    When will we see the new Z? / What Autoshow will new Z debut at?

    LA show is next week... any rumors or gut feelings that we'll see a Z concept pop up? i haven't heard anything about it.