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  1. TaroBaapG35

    NorCal dealer called this morning said 2 yellow proto manual and auto are in

    Dealers can get away with it by utilizing the excuse (now) that was a reason before; No inventory, so no sales, so they say to hit their sales goal ($ amount vs qty of cars sold) they have to mark up their current inventory cars to make up for the loss. Its understandable to a certain degree...
  2. TaroBaapG35

    NISMO Z Prototype Spied Testing!

    I would doubt Nissan would sell the Nismo seats separately only reason being they didn't even sell them when the nismo was out for previous generations. I'm skeptical that they're already teasing the nismo, but seeing Recaro seats in there does give me a good feeling that it might be true. I...
  3. TaroBaapG35

    2020 Toyota Supra makes world debut

    Manual Supra priced..similar spec to Z (premium) will cost ~$7k more then Z Performance..$57k..the gap between both car widens now
  4. TaroBaapG35

    Why do you prefer the Z?

    Price..100% JDM built...styling...rough and tumble driving experience...nostalgia...
  5. TaroBaapG35

    Z32 Nissan 300ZX

    Still shows TN manufacturer plates
  6. TaroBaapG35

    AT vs MT 0-60 times

    I would venture a guess and say yes..The 370z had a similar issue along with a very mute feeling for majority of the duration of the clutch until the grabbing point and then again no feel..It def takes some getting used to
  7. TaroBaapG35

    EVEREST WHITE Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    WTF...This looks soo good..sans the splash guards...def needs spacers..
  8. TaroBaapG35

    First 2023 Z allocations formula for U.S. dealers (August 2022)

    If you see this dealers other cars, the typical "markup" or adjustment for Guam cars is around 10-16% vs Nissan USA MSRP. So the $58k-$62k for Perf/Proto is similar to what USA cars MSRP is ~$53k
  9. TaroBaapG35

    Your Username and Meaning 🙋🏻‍♂️

    TaroBaap = Rude way of saying "your Father" G35 = First Car I purchased for a steaaaalll as my high school grad present to myself. TaroBaapG35 - A poke at the people saying my dad bought me the car
  10. TaroBaapG35

    AT vs MT 0-60 times

    Plus with the manual in the Z, the clutch isnt a fan of quick gear changes (mainly how quickly your foot comes off clutch with the change). See Kirk K's video on the blue 6Mt in mountains..You can see the car jerk quite a bit when he lifts too quick. Maybe needs a flywheel upgrade to make it...
  11. TaroBaapG35

    Anotha One from C&D: Comparison Test: 2022 BMW M240i vs. 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 vs. 2023 Nissan Z vs. 2022 Toyota GR Supra 3.0

    Because its German. Majority of German cars have locked ECUs hence how Jb4 got so popular.
  12. TaroBaapG35

    Anotha One from C&D: Comparison Test: 2022 BMW M240i vs. 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 vs. 2023 Nissan Z vs. 2022 Toyota GR Supra 3.0

    Just check any 2022+ Q50/Q60 3.0T Red Sport ECU; 90% it'll be the same ECU since the entire engine is the same, why spend the money on locking the ECU? Plus the PM said they're excited to see what the aftermarket is going to do...Which is a nice way to say, "I did 80% of the work, you can do the...
  13. TaroBaapG35

    Engineering Explained 2023 Nissan Z Review

    Have to be careful with the rev match on the Z...when you throw it in neutral from let's say 6th, to coast to a light, if you rock the shifter in neutral (left to right) because of the auto rev match the car will blip even if you're not trying to go into gear..had a scare like that when I first...
  14. TaroBaapG35

    Does anyone have a Z yet?

    Haha. I'm all about that Everest white sir!
  15. TaroBaapG35

    Does anyone have a Z yet?

    Yup..keep away guys..thats mine...assuming it has the red/black & 6MT..XD lol..just searched "faps" transportation that's written on the Lexus in the background...they're in Port of NY so def US cars..Possibly real production cars for media or dealer meetings?
  16. TaroBaapG35

    whats it gonna cost to build the Z you want?

    Lets see... Z Performance 6MT: $49,990 + Everest White & Red Leather: $1,295 + Accessories I Don't Mind: - Black Metallic Illuminated Kick Plates: $500 - Interior Accent Lighting: $445 (could live without, not sure how it looks) - Perf Floor Mats: $400 (can't really argue this as...
  17. TaroBaapG35

    This Seems Like A Pretty Fair Assessment Of The Z From Car and Driver

    I agree with you, the price of the car initially deterred me as well, but unfortunately in the current macro environment where Civics are going for ~$35k-$40k the price increase for the Z, as much as I hate it, is sort of understandable. The Supra, luckily priced it high (at the time), sold...
  18. TaroBaapG35

    Canadian dealer said orders still TBD (as of June 17)

    Atleast you guys and Aus were even able to pre-order..We're screwed in the US. From the the SC issues down to Dealers fisting everyone with markups many won't even get the car..
  19. TaroBaapG35

    AMS Downpipes & Fuel System now available for 2023 Nissan Z

    Does going full catted DP on VR30 introduce rasp regardless of being paired with stock or aftermarket catback?
  20. TaroBaapG35

    2023 Nissan Z Exhaust Note

    Yes sir. As far as the information goes from every picture, review etc that asked about the exhaust sounds, points to that conclusion. Something to do with noise levels in MT? Might affect those MT individuals more who want to keep the exhaust stock but want a slightly more aggressive sound...