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  1. GrishTXU

    350Z morphing into a Z

    Check this out on IG! What do you think?
  2. GrishTXU

    Nissan USA Sends Out Teaser Email

    Anyone else get this email? I’d appreciate some new information…
  3. GrishTXU

    Has seeing the Z in real life changed your mind?

    I went to the Dallas auto show today and saw the Z in the flesh. I haven’t been a fan of the front grille and was concerned that seeing it in real life might make somehow like the car less. My fear was put to bed immediately upon seeing the Z. I think the front end is great and I want the Z a...
  4. GrishTXU

    Hot Wheels release the Nissan Z Proto

    Demand is high for the new Z! I hope dealerships don’t mark up the price too aggressively. What do you think?