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  1. jdm-rhd

    whats it gonna cost to build the Z you want?

    so im gonna price both the sport and performance models to see what the differences will be with the options i want. i joined this forum back when all the hearsay was 35k base, 40k mid and 45k top trim. now we are at 41k + for base and close to 52k for performance. still can't believe they...
  2. jdm-rhd

    Jolopnik ranks the new Z's colors

    didn't see this posted...or maybe no one cares, but they rank the colors... thoughts?
  3. jdm-rhd

    Random pics, vids & meme thread [NO POLITICS, WEAPONS or NSFW]

    post up anything interesting, strange, funny, etc some of the older car ads are hilarious...i enjoy them.
  4. jdm-rhd

    so...who's still "all in"

    curious now that we know pricing
  5. jdm-rhd

    Current gas prices in your area?

    so last week here in texas near the dfw area gas for regular was $3.49 per gal. today it's $3.69 :eek: edit: that was wed...then filled up fri night ? btw...anyone see these stickers on the pumps?
  6. jdm-rhd

    car stories thread

    post up any great, funny or weird car stories that you've witnessed.
  7. jdm-rhd

    Add 3 words (the game)

    we have this game on a couple other forums im on and it's pretty fun. im sure most of you have seen it, but for those who haven't, here's a quick rundown. i'll start it off with 3 words, you guys add 3 words (no more) to it to continue the sentence and please make sense doing so. use...
  8. jdm-rhd

    Who's gonna install lambo doors on the new Z?

    if you are, please pm me your address so i can come over and slap some sense into you...
  9. jdm-rhd

    ADM...whats your best guess?

    im gonna say $10k. as crazy as the car market is, $20 wouldn't surprise me... take your best guess and let's see who's closest. you can pick any amount and we can compare once we get calls from the stealerships. also, are you willing to pay over msrp? if so, how much?
  10. jdm-rhd

    Enter the Z Garage
  11. jdm-rhd

    Proto Spec Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    there isn't a clear cut thread like we have stickied for all the other z colors so i'll start one. who plans/hopes to get one of the 240 made?
  12. jdm-rhd

    Who wants spicy baby mud flaps?

    who's gonna rock these if it's an oem option? love it? hate it? discuss...
  13. jdm-rhd

    Stripe package for the new Z

    what did you guys think of stripe package on the fairlady z proto? the hood and rocker panel stripes would seem to match the Z's with black roofs. maybe some like just the hood only and no rocker panel stripes or vice-versa? would anyone want this as a factory option?
  14. jdm-rhd

    which exhaust tip do you like?

    again the orange fairlady Z has some other things not found on the sport or performance trim...namely the exhaust tips. which do you like best? would you get the fairlady tips if it was a factory option?
  15. jdm-rhd

    What are your top 3 colors for the new Z?

    Poll added - Select up to 3 options I see people changing their minds or switching back-and-forth on their favorite colors. What are your current top 3 favorites? Did you have a top color to begin with and then it get dethroned as soon as you saw another? If the new orange on the Fairlady Z...
  16. jdm-rhd

    Who wants the "Nissan Z" tire stencil?

    would you get this stenciled on your tires/tyres? discuss!
  17. jdm-rhd

    JDM Customized Proto Wheels vs Performance vs Sport

    who else was drooling over these? would you pick these up as a dealer option? Customized Proto Performance Sport
  18. jdm-rhd

    Which OEM spoiler do you like best?

    the spoiler on the orange jdm proto z looked really good...can i get a witness? what do you guys think so far standard, jdm proto or no spoiler? discuss
  19. jdm-rhd

    Would you buy the JDM Customized Proto fender flares?

    curious to see if anyone here would like to see those fender flares offered as an oem option and would you purchase them? discuss any aspect of them
  20. jdm-rhd

    Would you buy an electric or hybrid Z?

    like the titles says, would you consider buying one? why would you purchase it or what would keep you from buying an ev z? what would the pros and cons be?