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  1. NiZmonium

    This Seems Like A Pretty Fair Assessment Of The Z From Car and Driver Some say this is a bad review of the Z. But this seems pretty close to reality . And why I personally don't think the Z is worth $52k . "It's an attractive proposition on paper and at first glance, but, as it turns out, the...
  2. NiZmonium

    Does Infiniti Have Any Plans To Make Their Luxury Equivalent Of The Z ?

    Or is that what the Q60 is for , basically ? 350Z - G35 , 370Z - G37 Or is Infiniti pretty dead as a company , besides the SUVs they are producing ? Sick car , no doubt . But not with the slush box auto transmission , and the extremely outdated interior . (no offense Q owners)
  3. NiZmonium

    Reliability Of The Supra So Far ?

    Well , I'm not holding my breath for a Z anytime soon. Like many of us , I still continue to look at other cars . If money wasn't as relevant , I would likely be setting my sites on Porsche - but spending $70k on a car is not something I can logically justify doing. I think BMWs are beautiful...
  4. NiZmonium

    A new Honda S2000 ...... And a new Toyota MR2 coming in 2024 ? Possibly

    Might just be rumors and pointless speculation , but it would be nice. 2024 Honda S2000 2024 Toyota MR2
  5. NiZmonium

    Widebody Z Ideation

    Not sure if a repost or not. A bit extreme.