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    2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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    The DeLorean is coming back as an EV sports car

    The DeLorean is coming back as an EV sports car Should be worth it for the memes alone.
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    Which Z side badge do you like best?

    The Fairlady Z Customized Proto sports a different side badge than the production Z. Which do you like best? Would you like to see different styles of side badges as accessories offered by Nissan and in the aftermarket?
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    Z31 Nissan 300ZX

    The Z31 doesn't seem to get much love and I've never shown it any, so here we go: Vote for your favorite Z generation:
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    Busou Body kit for Nissan Z Updated with official image:
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    2022 Tokyo Auto Salon Live Streams
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    Noble M500

    I always had a thing for the M600 and Noble is at it again with their first brand new design since 2010. The old M600 has a Volvo/Yamaha twin turbo V8, but historically their cars have used Ford engines. The new M500, which was originally announced in 2018, is using the 3.5 twin turbo V6 from...
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    Japanese Spec Fairlady Z Schedule/TAS Live Events Schedule

    The sales schedule for the Japanese spec Fairlady Z will be released on Jan 14, but according to Creative311 it has already been confirmed from Nissan's official e-mail newsletter. The scheduled release for Japan is Late June 2022. There are also two live events taking place at TAS starting...
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    Toyota FJ Cruiser

    Toyota Sold a New 2014 FJ Cruiser in the US in 2021—Yes, Really Wondering what they paid for it. Someone else just sold one with 63 miles on it for $81,500 on BaT...
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    Mitsubishi Motors Discussion

    Mitsubishi’s Ralliart Concept Is Either Awesome or a Crossover With a Diffuser
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    Mazda RX-7 FD

    I try to watch most of these Hagerty videos featuring Jason, and the production quality on some of them (CT5-V BW, M3 Comp) is really top notch. This one posted a day ago on the FD RX-7 is maybe not quite on the same level in that regard, but still well done and an interesting watch. I doubt...
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    DISCOVERY 2023 Z Testing Video w/ Red & Black Interior

    GM Z testing with red/black interior:
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    Toyota And Lexus Unveil New Electric Concepts

    More pics of the other cars here:
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    This (Not So) Secret Facility Is A Nissan Fan's Dream Come True

    I haven't had a chance to watch it all yet but thought I'd share:
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    Toyota GR Corolla

    The instagram post from Toyota was from nearly a month ago, but this article came out today:
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    Your Favorite *Rare/Limited* Cars of All Time

    I've been obsessed with cars since a very young age and love learning about a particular model or version of a car that I never knew existed. I'm starting this thread so that we can share rare, limited, or special models with one another and hopefully learn something new along the way. Provide...
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    Nissan Z VR30DDTT engine cut model B roll

    This video also confirms an external CSC as discussed here: