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  1. z_ya_later

    Interesting 2023 Z info from 1 hr conversation with Melissa Lacko - Nissan’s Vehicle Testing Engineer

    Redline Reviews was the only reviewer I saw to try the no lift shift launch in the manual & it was painful to watch (25 min mark):
  2. z_ya_later

    What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that thinks $50K is just too much especially considering the chassis is about 15 years old. And let's be real, it's $55K when you include destination, color options, floor mats, taxes, registration and dealer fees. Wish they would've carried over the same...
  3. z_ya_later

    Official: U.S. 2023 Nissan Z priced at $39,990 Sport, $49,990 Performance, $52,900 Proto Spec (Now Including Exterior/Interior Color Combos)

    I'm out for now. My 370Z is about to be paid off so a new car would've been "nice to have" but $50K just doesn't make sense for me especially when costs are up everywhere and I already have a 2-door sports car.
  4. z_ya_later

    PASSION RED Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    Nissan updated the press kit to include the Passion Red (Photo Gallery)
  5. z_ya_later

    Z Proto Front Bumper with Cross Beam / Z35 with 240Z inspired grille bar

    When I first saw the Proto reveal, I really wasn't a fan of the gaping front but the more I see others trying to "fix" it, the more I realize Nissan made the best front design possible for this car. I haven't seen one redesign that really improves on what we have now.
  6. z_ya_later

    A new Honda S2000 ...... And a new Toyota MR2 coming in 2024 ? Possibly

    I've seen how much Honda has changed in the past 20 - 25 years and I simply have 0 faith in their ability to launch an attractive sports car with even adequate performance at this point. The new Integra has only reinforced that feeling. The S2000 was just a different era of Honda design. That...
  7. z_ya_later

    What percent tint on white car with black roof

    I usually tell the shop to give me the darkest I can get without getting pulled over.
  8. z_ya_later

    2023 Nissan Z (Boulder Gray) on Display at Chicago Auto Show

    Same. Seeing the car in motion in that color on the YouTube videos made me a believer.
  9. z_ya_later

    Has that front grille growing on you yet ?

    Didn't originally like it on the Proto but to their credit, Nissan listened to the feedback from the reveal and lightened up the grill a bit so it wasn't so pitch-black and I think that helped. Seeing it in person, it's much less of an issue because you are standing up, looking down, not...
  10. z_ya_later

    Lexus Electrified Sport Concept Previewing a LFA successor

    Was thinking about this as well. With such different components in EVs, designers will be free to create some very unconventional designs. What Lotus did with the Evija is pretty incredible too.
  11. z_ya_later

    Canadian Reserve List and Discussion

    I hope so. This was the combo I was interested in as well.
  12. z_ya_later

    Used car prices...

  13. z_ya_later

    Storage Space & Practicality

    The trunk itself lays flat due to the cover over the spare tire. The only way I can think of to access more depth in the trunk would be to remove the spare tire.
  14. z_ya_later

    Storage Space & Practicality

    Said this in another thread but by putting the passenger seat all the way forward and folded, I was able to fit 2 barstools a few months ago and on another occasion I was able to fit an ottoman (barely). It can hold a lot but it's shallow. Edit: this is in regards to the 370Z trunk space