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  1. trackratZ

    Car & Driver - Feds Taking a Harder Stance on Chip Shortage, May Suspect Hoarding

    More likely scenario, 3-4 yrs I'd say. Giving up on the Z, instead going ahead with next step upgrades to the RB26DETT for 400whp goal - single turbo, EM (Haltech), injectors, etc etc. - since no yearly smog inspections anyway for the 240Z. Aiming for Nismo Z if it ever materializes in about 5...
  2. trackratZ

    Best winding roads around the world to take out the Z car

    Hwy 1, Pacific Coast, CA, can't beat the scenery!
  3. trackratZ

    What the NISMO Should Be

    I'd be willing to wait for a Hybrid Nismo Z RWD, maybe a full EV but doubt Nissan will invest in this platform. And please don't call it eZ (hasn't been ez even for this initial launch 🤔 ) No wild body kits either!
  4. trackratZ

    Nissan dealers with and without mark ups

    So, how is this being enforced Down Under? Must be some loopholes to get them back into inventory before 9 mos? Only demos qualify? Curious.
  5. trackratZ

    Best winding roads around the world to take out the Z car

    Great local drive, often closed off because of fire danger, etc. I'm sure will be this long 4th July weekend. Check the local authorities. Can take GMR up or option East Fork from Azusa Cyn, both to Baldy Village. Careful of cyclists and motorbikes, some days and weekends heavy use.
  6. trackratZ

    Best looks at the 2023 Z undercarriage

    Rob Fuller: 'What the .....!";) I wonder what a properly tuned 3" aftermarket will benefit the Z's performance, not just sound.
  7. trackratZ

    Car and Driver: Z vs. Mustang Mach 1

    In my case here in hotter So CA, even factory stock, I always upgrade brake fluids and track pads, especially with these Akebonos, it's just that much more peace of mind. After 2 to 3 track days then fit proper 200TW or less tires, since that's what I'm used to, and I'll bet the Z will 'wake...
  8. trackratZ

    Car and Driver: Z vs. Mustang Mach 1

    Even if the Z came with Sport Cup 2s, I still don’t think it can keep up with the Mach 1, chassis tuning and suspension modes just are not there yet. It would be an interesting comparo tho.
  9. trackratZ

    2023 Nissan Z Exhaust Note

    Not true, in one case my Mustang GT PP2 has very sweet adaptive exhaust, Normal, Sport, Track, even programmable Quiet mode for morning starts. This is OEM, love it! Huge difference between settings, sound wise.
  10. trackratZ

    Photoshop Request: Wheels / Brakes on a Z?

    Always liked the V1 Nismo wheels, looks delic on the new Z, and open spokes are easy to clean, one of the best features IMO. I think those will look badass on a Boulder.
  11. trackratZ

    Test Drive at Z Car Garage w/ Excellent Raw POV Footage

    Rob Fuller does great stuff with all years Zs, I'm making a trip up north for future upgrades. Definitely needs a better exhaust, too wimpy.
  12. trackratZ

    Rosewood Metallic, Ikazuchi Yellow, Passion Red 2023 Nissan Z line up

    @Houston.RZ34 is going to stash away rare Rosewood for 50 yrs for investment😅
  13. trackratZ

    Jolopnik ranks the new Z's colors

    .....still want Sunset Orange....I still melt when I see one on the 350Z!
  14. trackratZ

    A week with the Z

    I want the new Z because I've BEEN a Datsun/Nissan fan forever. So far the Z fits the bill although has lots of shortcomings when priced north of $50K for what technology it doesn't have, just not enough in the package. Still hyped up with the Sport and estimating my own upgrades. Good posts by...
  15. trackratZ

    This Seems Like A Pretty Fair Assessment Of The Z From Car and Driver

    Yes but many of those have IMS bearing issues.
  16. trackratZ

    Consumer Reports Review - RZ34 Discussion

    The ZF in my Gladiator is impressive, smooth shifts, quick downshifts etc. one of the best auto transmissions out there, but still I'll get the manual. But my worry is Nissan and Infiniti's high take-up clutch action is not fun to drive with, vague engagement gets tiring. Nobody has complained...
  17. trackratZ

    This Seems Like A Pretty Fair Assessment Of The Z From Car and Driver

    On short autox courses maybe, usually no more than 60 secs, it can come close, but no way on open tracking, way too short on horsepower.
  18. trackratZ

    A week with the Z

    Good points from 20:55 on, too. I think they're in really different classes and market segments, BRZ/GR86 and the Z. If you're good with $50K+ and have the means to spend more on tires, brakes, cargo, e.g. transporting tires, and overall maint later on, I'd say it's well worth the performance...
  19. trackratZ

    On the Brighter side, what's the first thing you will do once delivered?

    Still what are your plans for first ‘mods’?