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  1. BMW recalls Supra (again)... Why didn't you by the Supra instead of the Z?

    "Toyota has gone downhill lately..." Have you seen Honda lately in reliability survey... :eek:
  2. Current gas prices in your area?

    I saw $6.899/gal (87) for a couple days at the Shell gas station near me. Thanks God. It has come down to $6.799/gal today. :( Another 76 gas station 2 miles away has it for $6.499/gal. $0.10/gal off with cash. Haven't tried Costco recently. The lines are outrageously long.
  3. That Drinking Thread

    Ever tried Kavalan from Taiwan? It has won many medals in whisky competitions over the past few years.
  4. Instrument Tested & Comparison: 2023 Nissan Z Performance vs. 2022 GR Supra 3.0 Premium Review

    Strange comparison from C&D. Why not Auto vs. Auto, and put on the same tires? I'm not going to defend Z here. People who like Supra styling have every right to cheer. Not me, though.
  5. The Movie Review Thread

    I am glad that the film maker eventually did the right thing and put the flags of Taiwan(RoC)/Japan back on Maverick's jacket.
  6. The Death of the Sedan

    It seems that Mazda might have changed that plan due to supply shortage... high demand vehicles go first. i.e. SUVs (CX-60/70/80/90)
  7. Nissan dealers with and without mark ups

    . For C8, ADM actually gets higher after 2 yrs. Hope the new Z is not going to be that hot... judging by the recent poll, it looks like more people are on the fence now. Less demand, more likely for paying MSRP. I will advise you all to wait... I will go first. Thanks. ;)
  8. Performance Serian blue cost

    Sale tax for my county is 10.25%. And I see you guys complaining about 6-7%... :rolleyes:
  9. so...who's still "all in"

    Personally, I don't really care if the new Z can beat Supra or not. I want a car that is reasonably priced, has decent reliability, looks elegant, goes fast enough for me to enjoy and, most importantly, with stick shift. Not taking mine to the tracks, and not going to race the kids honking at...
  10. Current gas prices in your area?

    I drove by at a few gas stations yesterday. The price of 87 ranged from $6.27 to $6.49. It was ~$6 last week. (SF Bay Area - East)
  11. U.S. Pricing Possibly Leaked in 2023 Nissan Z Review: $40K Base, $50K Performance, $53K Proto

    MSRP only matters if you expect to pay MSRP. I doubt that would be true within a year or two. Chip shortage will continue into next year (2023). I estimated $8k for the performance package. Can't say I am shocked by the $10k price tag, but certainly a bit disappointed.
  12. Motor Trend - Taking a Closer Look at the 2023 Nissan Z, It's Newer Than Expected

    Thanks Donalex. But, I am not convinced yet. We will see. My bet is that they use rounder tires (cross section wise) at lower PSI.
  13. Motor Trend - Taking a Closer Look at the 2023 Nissan Z, It's Newer Than Expected

    Can someone explain this one for me? Where does the 20% contact patch increase come from? Yes, tire is wider by 4 to 9%. sum(contactPatchArea * PSI) = vehicle weight. Unless Nissan also reduces PSI, I fail to see how contact patch area is increased by 20%. Anyone?
  14. 2020 Mid-Engine Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Starts at $59,995

    For C8, the wait is more like 12 months than 6. There has been people who waited ONLY 6 months... so, your luck varies.
  15. 2020 Mid-Engine Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Starts at $59,995

    The short answer is yes. Order one at big dealers like Ciocca (formerly Kerbeck) of Atlantic City (and others). Pay $1000, and wait for 6-12 months. You can order a Z06 if you want. That wait will be even longer. Top three is US YTD RANK DEALER CITY STATE YTD SALES 1 CIOCCA/KERBECK ATLANTIC...
  16. 2023 Nissan Z Launch Delayed Until Summer 2022

    From Spring to Summer, it could be 1 to 30 days of delay. Anyway, to me, it is not official yet. Just C&D said so.
  17. Nissan Z Japanese Spec Sheet

    That is how Japanese defines "Total Vehicle Weight". They assume 55kg per person. Adults, children, men or women. Average. Translated by google.
  18. Nissan Japan Website Updated!

  19. Random Car News Thread

    Why Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Has Sent Automakers Scrambling Why Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Has Sent Automakers Scrambling - YouTube
  20. Selling the 2023 Z over MSRP

    Many dealers have new tricks to charge you extra. They know it is easier for customers to swallow if they give customers something... instead of nothing. Where I got my new '22 CX5 from, they had a Portofolio sticker package on new vehicles, and they charge for $899. Cannot be taken off, they...