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  1. Jagman2000

    A week with the Z

    Agree interesting points raised - also agree with the following comments on Bridgestone tires which I did a few years back - won't do that again. Halfway through the tread life I had had enough noise and got rid of them. What a relief. Ride quality was not that great either.
  2. Jagman2000

    Nissan Z lands in Hawaii (Everest White, Black Diamond, Yellow)

    I am not holding my breath in seeing the new Z any time soon in the "tiny" US market...probably next year at this point.
  3. Jagman2000

    [MilesPerHr] The 2023 Nissan Z is Daily Driving Nostalgia with Modern Muscle (POV Drive Review)

    Yes, very good video and review - gave a good insight on several areas. In particular, I was concerned with the ride quality - test drove a 2020 370Z two years ago - a bone jarring experience and why I decided to wait for the new model and glad I did. He covered the improved ride quality in...
  4. Jagman2000

    Official color options (w/ interiors) for 2023 Nissan Z in US market

    Brilliant Silver / Black Top Performance for me- that is...if I can even find one and who knows when that might be (US). Might be wishful thinking on my part - will see
  5. Jagman2000

    Passion Red Nissan Z vs Red 300ZX

    for the rest of us and to keep our minds occupied while we wait...from Motor Trend this morning.
  6. Jagman2000

    2023 Nissan Z Launch Delayed Until Summer 2022

    How about the new 2024 Z?
  7. Jagman2000

    Has seeing the Z in real life changed your mind?

    I agree, for 50/k I have to be satisfied with the seating position, visibility and ride quality.
  8. Jagman2000

    Has seeing the Z in real life changed your mind?

    Black on black is fine. I know that color is a personal preference, but for me I don't think black wheels on the sport trim or on the grays and maybe red on the performance trim compliments the car. My last Jag F-Type was white - beautiful car / wife loved it and I got used to it, but...
  9. Jagman2000

    Has seeing the Z in real life changed your mind?

    Surprise to me this morning! Did not realize the new Z was going to be at the Dallas Auto Show - Thanks for posting the pics and impressions. I personally value impressions because pictures can be deceiving due to lighting etc. For me, two questions still linger - I was disappointed that...
  10. Jagman2000

    Boulder Gray Z Pics From Chicago Show

    Thanks for the info and will keep holding for more details to be released here in the US. Your comment on lighting I think is right on - lighting is everything.
  11. Jagman2000

    Boulder Gray Z Pics From Chicago Show

    Greatness! thanks for the additional pics.
  12. Jagman2000

    Boulder Gray Z Pics From Chicago Show

    Thanks for posting - hard to get a good impression of the color / my newer HP is showing the color as kind of a light blue with a tint of gray? Anyway, thanks for the pics - originally, I was after a "brilliant silver" but apparently that is not going to be offered. In light of current events...
  13. Jagman2000

    2023 Nissan Z Online Reservations Begin 2/3 for Canada!

    When will a portal be available for the United States for reservations on the Z and what will be the advance notification of this being available? Thanks for all the updates
  14. Jagman2000

    Sport vs Performance Trims Spec Sheets

    Any members have any information concerning when the "order books" will be open on the Z? I marked my calendar way back from an earlier report that order books would be open on November 15th. Any confirmation on this? Also wondering when Nissan will put on their website a configurator for the...
  15. Jagman2000

    More looks at Z Sport trim 18” wheels

    humm, looks appropriate for the Sport/base model...
  16. Jagman2000

    Gun Metallic 2023 Z seen with new style wheels

    I agree and I like those rims as well! I was concerned that since my fav color is bright silver, I did not like the look with black or bronze performance wheels - I was hopeful that they would be offering other (silver) wheel options. Seeing that the pic is from Japan - keep this as an option...
  17. Jagman2000

    Photos: Gun Metallic Nissan Z spotted on transport truck

    Agree, It has been and is going to be a long wait with plenty of distractions in between.
  18. Jagman2000

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra - Visual Comparison

    Agree with prior comment - Supra is what I call, over styled. In my opinion, no contest - the Z is understated elegance and the better choice.