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  1. Lin626

    Behind the Design: Nissan Z Proto

    Boys and their dirty minds... 😂
  2. Lin626

    The 2023 Z Sport model questions

    Here is a thread I made with a poll.
  3. Lin626

    Moto Miwa reviews 2023 Nissan Z and makes comparison to A90 Supra

    Yikes that’s a lot of words. Quick, what’s the short summary.
  4. Lin626

    Executive ZCCA Director Chris Karl on 2023 Nissan Z

    That's a lot to read. Can someone just post the highlights / quick summary?
  5. Lin626

    Which trim level Z are you getting?

    Since we now have pricing, I'm curious to see what everyone will be getting.
  6. Lin626

    RevMatchTV - Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra - First Comparison!

    I'm going to hold out until the hype dies down before pulling the trigger.
  7. Lin626

    What's in the news today... (NO COVID / POLITICS)

    Another shooting... smh...
  8. Lin626

    2023 Nissan Z Reviews Are In (Compiled List Inside)

    Thanks for compiling that list for us admin!
  9. Lin626

    U.S. Pricing Possibly Leaked in 2023 Nissan Z Review: $40K Base, $50K Performance, $53K Proto

    If this is true are you guys just going to get the base sport model instead?
  10. Lin626

    R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R

    It just sold for $125k! o_O
  11. Lin626

    Dark Green Nissan Z Spotted on a Trailer!

    Do you work for Nissan?
  12. Lin626

    Dark Green Nissan Z Spotted on a Trailer!

    I did once by calling out their admin and was banned the next day. 😒 Knew it! :D
  13. Lin626

    Dark Green Nissan Z Spotted on a Trailer!

    Love it!!!!! 😍