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  1. The Drive - GReddy President Kenji Sumino Is Here to Protect the Future of Aftermarket Tuning

    Great read on an iconic individual, and an iconic brand -
  2. Hagerty Insider: The $45k question: Would you buy a new Z or one of its collectible forebears? I think @trackratZ and @Donalex in particular (as well as others, I’m sure) will appreciate this
  3. Car & Driver - Nissan Z Gear, Apparel, and Accessories You're Going to Want Some of it is kind of silly, however some of it is pretty cool—I have the Z Generations poster and love it. They have a lot of great stuff in their shop.
  4. POV Test Drive (Binaural Audio) of 2023 Nissan Z Performance: 6-Speed Manual - by Winding Road Magazine

    One of my favorite YT channels finally uploaded their video—enjoy!
  5. Revealed: RZ34 chassis code, Nismo exhaust, brake pads & more for 2023 Nissan Z

    We don't know when the car will be here, but we know there will be parts for it! I thought this line was peculiar, too, given they were the ones to break the news about the delay yesterday - "That said, expect the 2023 Nissan Z...
  6. Nissan debuts 2023 LEAF featuring revised exterior and streamlined model lineup; on-sale this summer

    Oh good, ANOTHER EV model they're pushing out—one that, among other things, has pricing! (grumbles) Also, looking at the fine print—is this a new...
  7. Nissan Group reports first-quarter 2022 U.S. sales

    In case anyone is interested - --- April 1, 2022 2022 2021 % chg First-quarter (January - March) 2022 total sales (units) 201,081 285,553 -29.6% Nissan Division sales 189,835 266,482...
  8. Nissan Launching ‘Road 2’ Final Four March Madness Ad Campaign March 14, 2022 Nissan’s fresh ‘Road 2’ campaign integrates the NCAA® Men’s and Women’s tournaments, culminating in the Final Fours Eight new spots from Nissan will feature six of...
  9. Z on cover of Consumer Reports 2022 Auto Issue magazine

    Don’t know where else to put this (maybe we make a press coverage mega thread once reviews start rolling in?) but saw it at Publix (grocery store for those unfamiliar) while checking out. Didn’t have time to open it up and see what they said, but interesting to see it on the cover. Gonna try...
  10. 2023 Nissan Z (Boulder Gray) on Display at Chicago Auto Show

    Bolding mine, I believe the last time a related press release was issued, it said "expected" so at least we're concrete now? The Frontiers on display sound pretty cool, too (also mods, sorry if this should have gone in "Other Cars"—I debated, but given the Z mentioned figured to throw it in...
  11. [Full Nissan Z Super Bowl Ad] -- Nissan is back in the Super Bowl with one message: A thrilling drive changes everything

    Still no price, but full ad is out! (thank you for the title edit, mods/admin) --- February 3, 2022 Emmy Award Winning Actor and Co-Creator of Schitt’s Creek Eugene Levy makes his first-ever starring appearance in a Super Bowl ad Nissan’s 360-degree campaign orbits around a 60-second TV...
  12. Eugene Levy stars in 2023 Nissan Z Super Bowl ad teaser: Time for this dragon to fly! [SWEEPS TO WIN NEW Z]

    Also note, "expected availability Spring 2022" still Also also, would assume we'll get pricing prior to Super Bowl? No way they ramp up advertising without that key bit of information. ---...
  13. Rolex 24 at Daytona

    Anyone else watching? Gonna be in and out viewing this year myself, but should be mighty competitive (especially at the top)—excited to see it play out. Perfect weather, too, but gonna get chilly tonight for Florida standards!
  14. Axios - Car shortage could change buying behavior forever

    I say good, bring it on! -- Car dealers' annual year-end sell-a-thons have turned into wait-a-thons for many shoppers unable to find the vehicle they want on dealer lots — but that could be about to...
  15. Nissan Z headed to Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, including customized Z concept debut

    Curious what the "customized Z concept" will be... --- 2021/12/21 YOKOHAMA, Japan – The all-new Japan-market Fairlady Z will be among the highlights as Nissan displays a variety of models, from the...
  16. The greatest Airbnb of. All. Time.

    Holy shit -
  17. Car & Driver - Feds Taking a Harder Stance on Chip Shortage, May Suspect Hoarding

    This is a promising step in the right direction -
  18. Donut Media - Is Nissan Back?

    Well done overview of everything to-date, i.e. Ghosn saga, but jumps to the new Z around 9:45. Whole thing is worth watching Imo, always enjoy Donut Media's work.
  19. Motor Trend - Nissan Considering NISMO-Branded Trucks, SUVs for U.S. To me, this reads as great news - shows Nissan will continue to be serious about performance, and maybe even be their effort to compete with the Raptor, TRX, etc.? Not to mention the SUV treatment.