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  1. Jah_Happy

    Does anyone have a Z yet?

    Mine arrives Thursday!!! In rocket league....
  2. Jah_Happy

    Would you rather..?

    We'll see how things turn out when released but I guess as of now I'd go Sport + mods. Would likely go wheels, tires, exhaust and a spoiler to start.
  3. Jah_Happy

    Performance Serian blue cost

    Yep, was exactly my thought when the prices were unveiled. Pushing 60k in my area is kinda ridiculous for this car in my opinion. I'm not hating either, I want a blue on blue performance really fking bad but that price is meh.
  4. Jah_Happy

    Z Sport trim arrives at Fast Intentions.

    Feel like this is the first sport we've seen lol. Very interested to see what direction they go with it.
  5. Jah_Happy

    so...who's still "all in"

    Im out for now. Unless prices shift or different packages become available I just dont see the value of the car at 55k +.
  6. Jah_Happy

    Savagegeese Nissan Z Full Technical and Driving Review

    The thing is, for a lot of us in the US its not a measly "4.5k" its more like 10k over what was initially expected. I think i was being pretty reasonable expecting the performance to be around 46k or so but its way more than. 50k starting + destination fee of 1100 + 1000 or more extra for most...
  7. Jah_Happy

    (Hagerty) How fast is the new $50k Nissan Z? — New Z vs Supra vs Mustang Mach-1

    Thats where I stand as well. I'll be waiting to see if prices drop in the future because aftee taxes, tags, etc, im just not willing to pay 55k for the car. Is what it is.
  8. Jah_Happy

    U.S. Pricing Possibly Leaked in 2023 Nissan Z Review: $40K Base, $50K Performance, $53K Proto

    Yeah its just insane, I feel like we've waited 10 months just to be kicked in the balls lol. What a disappointment from Nissan. Unless they pull something crazy next week and the price isnt bad after all, I'll be walking away. 55k or more out the door after fees and bullshit markups for a...
  9. Jah_Happy

    U.S. Pricing Possibly Leaked in 2023 Nissan Z Review: $40K Base, $50K Performance, $53K Proto

    Yeah and thats absolutely ridiculous. Nismo will be 75k? Sorry Nissan but that aint it.
  10. Jah_Happy

    U.S. Pricing Possibly Leaked in 2023 Nissan Z Review: $40K Base, $50K Performance, $53K Proto

    Dammit i hope that isn't true. 50k + out the door after everything is said and done is just way too much in my opinion. There goes more of my hype lol
  11. Jah_Happy

    1st delivery of new Z (press car)!

    Wait for real? I didnt watch the video but he seriously titled the thread "taking delivery" of a week long demo? Lol what the f**k?
  12. Jah_Happy

    First Supra vs Nissan Z side by side direct comparison look

    I dont mind the new supra but those pics make me appreciate the Z even more. Its just so clean and simple looking. So many tasteful mods can be added.
  13. Jah_Happy

    Dark Green Nissan Z Spotted on a Trailer!

    Jesus I would buy green in a second if they offered it. Sheeeesh
  14. Jah_Happy

    SEIRAN BLUE Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    Blue with blue interior is still my top choice. It just looks so good!
  15. Jah_Happy

    In-car footage of Nissan Z driving, launching, tracking w/ Nismo exhaust [Christina & Grant]

    While its true anyone can play them, my nephew helped me understand its often about watching the best in the world play the games. No different than watching the NBA or any professional sport. Anyone can go kick a soccer ball or shoot basketball but its entertainment to them. I do agree its a...
  16. Jah_Happy

    Nissan USA Sends Out Teaser Email

    I received the email. If you scroll down to the bottom it still says "expected Spring 2022" in the fine print lol. :(
  17. Jah_Happy

    Nissan dealers with and without mark ups

    This is going to sound kinda shitty, but with dealerships likely only getting 1 new Z, I cant imagine anyone wanting to give up their source. Especially if they were promised no markups lol.