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  1. jdm-rhd

    Engineering Explained 2023 Nissan Z Review

    ive enjoyed his videos for many years. pretty smart dude...but maybe he's full of hot air this time 😆
  2. jdm-rhd

    Sport vs Performance Trims Spec Sheets

    my take on sport vs performance models. more details in the "meme thread"
  3. jdm-rhd

    Texas members gather here...

    thanks for your concern really means a lot. ill check in from time to time. just won't be here everyday like i used to
  4. jdm-rhd

    Nissan Z Meme Thread

    ive been eating a lot of pizza lately and maybe the mushrooms have taken effect, but it caused me to come up with some weird memes. feel free to add your favorite toppings to this... all in good fun, hope you guys enjoy. that is all for now...
  5. jdm-rhd

    Texas members gather here...

    also on another sad note, this year has been pretty brutal. life has dealt us some more devastating news so i may be gone for awhile. wishing you guys the best and hope you get the Z of your dreams for msrp or under...
  6. jdm-rhd

    Rosewood Metallic Nissan Z spotted - first real life look!

    not a fan of red...never owned a car that was red either, but i think this color looks good on the Z
  7. jdm-rhd

    No more renderings! Nissan Z in every production color!

    we're missing the orange jdm spec...
  8. jdm-rhd

    Texas members gather here...

    ^^^ that is horrible... now the deaths have risen from 18 to 21. prayers for all those that have lost a loved one...
  9. jdm-rhd

    Z Sport trim arrives at Fast Intentions.

    should be interesting to hear what they learn about the Z and see how far they can push it. surprisingly the stock wheels don't look that bad on this fits the retro design. ive seen far worse stock rims, thats for sure...
  10. jdm-rhd

    2020 Toyota Supra makes world debut

    ^^^ ive seen a few times when someone modified their automatic by merely changing the shift knob and adding a shifter was still auto 😂 edit: just noticed the Z in the 2nd pic. anyone know where this was?
  11. jdm-rhd

    Moto Miwa reviews 2023 Nissan Z and makes comparison to A90 Supra sum up one drives like a european and the other is built in europe i enjoyed his review :cool:
  12. jdm-rhd

    6-Speed Manual vs. 9-Speed Automatic - POV Track Test in Nissan Z

    great vid...thanks for posting. the stock Z seems to be competent on the track. really hoping some more testing will be done soon with a different tire set-up
  13. jdm-rhd

    Nissan Z Meme Thread

    as funny as this meme actually hurts a little. nissan knew these cars would be compared. nissan had plenty of time and info to make sure they could gap the 'stang and zupr4...but they didn't. if the Z was priced closer to what was hinted at to begin with, it would have been ok for...
  14. jdm-rhd

    Add 3 words (the game)

    hard as a
  15. jdm-rhd

    Who wants the "Nissan Z" tire stencil?

    whoa...that has to be a nightmare to balance...
  16. jdm-rhd

    Who wants the "Nissan Z" tire stencil?

    payment sent...
  17. jdm-rhd

    so...who's still "all in"

    do tell...
  18. jdm-rhd

    What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    wonder how many canceled their order when that price hike was announced?
  19. jdm-rhd

    Sport vs Performance Trims Spec Sheets

    left myself wide open for that 😂 see ya next year...
  20. jdm-rhd

    What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    very nice...they are great looking cars, congrats!