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  1. 240SX

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Nope, that shit is fugly :p
  2. 240SX

    so...who's still "all in"

    I think Im getting a used one cuz Im poor 😂
  3. 240SX

    2023 Nissan Zs Spied on Carrier Trucks - Has Production Begun?

    Really crappy pic but here are some more Zs
  4. 240SX

    2023 Nissan Z spotted with Fairlady Z badge

    Some more pics from Japan
  5. 240SX

    Hands-On Impressions, Analysis & Reactions from the web about the 2023 Nissan Z
  6. 240SX

    Moto Miwa reviews 2023 Nissan Z and makes comparison to A90 Supra

    Why do people keeping calling it “A90”? BMW clearly shows it as J29….
  7. 240SX

    Supra 2.0 no more?

    Supra guys defending the B48... 😂
  8. 240SX

    Supra 2.0 no more?

    Yuppers!!! RIP 2.0 😂
  9. 240SX

    First Supra vs Nissan Z side by side direct comparison look

    Deja vu all over again right
  10. 240SX

    Nissan Z Meme Thread

    This guy really has it out for the Z 🤣
  11. 240SX

    (Hagerty) How fast is the new $50k Nissan Z? — New Z vs Supra vs Mustang Mach-1

    The Zupra guys are having a field day 🤣
  12. 240SX

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    What do you do when the low oil warning light comes on?
  13. 240SX

    Will this car be forever known as "400Z"?

    I hope none of the youtubers calls it 400Z when the reviews start dropping on the 16th 😂
  14. 240SX

    Dark Green Nissan Z Spotted on a Trailer!

    A green Z? Yes please! :D
  15. 240SX

    1st delivery of new Z (press car)!

    Wait youtubers making clickbait titles? This must be a new trend 🤣
  16. 240SX

    U.S. Pricing Possibly Leaked in 2023 Nissan Z Review: $40K Base, $50K Performance, $53K Proto

    The Zupra guys are going to have a field day with this one... 😅