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  1. Andaesthetics

    9AT Nissan Z will have Sport mode w/ active muffler exhaust!

    Confirmed via 12:30 in this video from the guy speaking which is Jonathan Buhler, Nissan Senior Product Specialist. 9AT will have an active exhaust system that opens when in Sport mode. 6MT unfortunately does not have Sport mode or active exhaust and apparently will be quieter like the Z in the...
  2. Andaesthetics

    [Comparison Pics] Performance exhaust vs Sport (Base) exhaust

    According to the Nissan release spec sheet the exhaust options are as follows: Note: Left is Sport trim | Right is Performance trim First picture we have the performance trim exhaust. How can I tell? The rear spoiler, which only comes on the performance trim. As you can see it has the much...
  3. Andaesthetics

    2023 Nissan Z VIN

    Also I just noticed I'm pretty sure this is a VIN #, no? These have to be production cars. Someone try to enhance and look it up.
  4. Andaesthetics

    RACE VIDEO! 2023 Nissan Z in Brilliant Silver races modded 2017 Subaru STI

    Seems like the STI got a solid second start off the beep yet the Z walks away from it with EAZE. Also sounds like the STI is modded and possibly tuned. The way it walks away from the STI I'd guess the new Z will be underrated and probably closer to 400WHP stock from factory! The Z will be a...
  5. Andaesthetics

    Video - Z1 Motorsports employee info breakdown of the 2023 Z

    Some good insight and points brought up here. He is very knowledgeable on the Z/Q platforms. Currently he has a supercharged 370Z Nismo build he's been working on and I believe he had a Q60 build in the past.
  6. Andaesthetics

    Video: Brilliant Silver and Gun Metallic 2023 Zs spotted without camo in Colorado!

    And boy do they look sexy as hell on the road. Video by @jessescheel on IG. Gun Metallic and Brilliant Silver spotted stopping for fuel. ? The first car is the two-tone Brilliant Silver. The second car is the monotone Gun Metallic. Both colors look amazing in the sun here.
  7. Andaesthetics

    2023 Nissan Z Engine and Manual Transmission - Technical Close Up

    Posted by Z1 Motorsports on IG:
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    2023 Z vs 370Z side turn signal - New or Old style?

    For any of you who didn't know with 370Z, the Z emblem on the front-side fender also functions as a turn signal light, lighting with your turn signal/hazards. Now with the new 2023, the side turn signals are integrated in the side mirrors. Does anyone else wish Nissan would've kept the Z emblem...
  9. Andaesthetics

    New videos of the 2023 Nissan Z driving w/ more exhaust sound

    It honestly looks much better in videos and on the move.
  10. Andaesthetics

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra - Visual Comparison

    Here it is... what is your final verdict?
  11. Andaesthetics

    2023 Nissan Z out in public in Times Square

    They look so much better in a natural setting with natural lighting. Would love to see a full lineup of every color.
  12. Andaesthetics

    *WARNING* If you put money down to "preorder" please read. Nissan confirms NO pre-orders for 2023 Z.

    If you put money down and were promised a "preorder spot" I would get your money back if I were you. Sounds like Nissan is just making the Zs and sending them to dealers for Spring delivery. Most likely dealers will be specing their own Zs to start first deliveries. I guarantee your “preorder...
  13. Andaesthetics

    Spec Sheets: Tell us what YOUR 2023 Nissan Z build specs will look like and why!

    Sport(Base) or Performance Trim See here for all info on each trim. Important to note, however, that Sport has 18" wheels and regular 2-piston brake calipers, Performance has 19" wheels and 4-piston brake calipers. Also, according to the official spec sheet, it appears that if you choose the...
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    [Video] AMS Performance takes a look at the Z Proto and talks future plans for modding the new Z

    If you don't know about AMS Performance, they are highly reputable in the aftermarket car industry. They sell Stage 1 and Stage 2 setups as well as other mods for the Q50/Q60 VR30 platform as well as the GTR. They definitely know a lot when it comes to the platform, seeing as they hold the 1/4...
  15. Andaesthetics

    What was your honest opinion of the Z Proto at first vs now?

    Since we've had months for the new design of the new Z to sit in our minds, I'm curious what everyone's opinion is of it now. I won't lie, personally when they first revealed it, I hated most of it. I thought the rear looked weird, I HATED the front, and I didn't like the yellow color. The only...
  16. Andaesthetics

    What car do you think is the MAIN competitor to the new Z?

    Supra vs Z has been the topic of rivalry debate since the Z Proto was revealed. But honestly I don't think the new Supra is as competitive as the new Mustang GT when it comes to the actual sports car market that these cars are in. Why do I believe this? Well let's break down both the Supra and...
  17. Andaesthetics

    2022 Nissan Z Spied in Silver Again (@ Arizona)

    New images of the leaked silver Z. According to the leaker the car is in Arizona.
  18. Andaesthetics

    Stunning New Z Prototype / 400Z 3D Render

    Render by @yassidesign "So what have I done here? I elongated the front end/hood area, for old time's sake. A better hommage to the timeless datsuns, yes please? I reworked on the front bumper, giving it a longer and more pronounced nose. and that grill... is looking less like sponge sucker...
  19. Andaesthetics

    400Z Proto front bumper/grille design

    I brought down the headlight scoop design lines toward the front grille. This gives it a more 240z like appearance AND more aggressive as it flows with the design of the front hood into the grille. I think the current design almost looks like a sleepy-eyed "tired" looking car. Where as my new...