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  1. because_murica

    What We're ALL REALLY Here For......

  2. because_murica

    History of Z as Told by Hagerty

    I think Hagerty is trying to save face with Nissan here 😂
  3. because_murica

    Z First Look Party - 8/18 - The Drive

    I just saw the following pop up on The Drive's YouTube page. Looks like they will be conducting an in depth look at the production model. I doubt they'll shed light on any new information we won't already know between 8/17 and 8/18, but figured I'd share anyway.
  4. because_murica

    Paint to Sample Program (à la Porsche)

    How amazing would it be if Nissan decided to offer a custom paint program like Porsche's Paint To Sample for the R36 and new Z? As the new Z and R36 will likely be the last ICE-powered versions of both cars, if not the last iterations ever, why not go out with a bang? I know I would be willing...