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  1. Donalex

    Z32: getting back to performance basics for half of the New Z

    For those who are questioning the value of the New Z, may I suggest your consideration of finding a well cared for and sorted out Z32, both N/A and TT? Well-maintained cars are bulletproof, a relatively good amount of both OEM and aftermarket parts are still available, most well regarded...
  2. Donalex

    Watch Porsche GT3 being built

    Me want one... But, the closest I got was driving one in the Extreme Driving Experience event.
  3. Donalex

    Nissan goes to bat for Ukraine
  4. Donalex

    No Z in Jalopnik's "Most exciting new and upcoming cars"
  5. Donalex

    Dealers vs Makers:. It's on, baby!

    It seems the manufacturers are becoming more opinionated... Dealers will win...
  6. Donalex

    Proto, previous Z's on track

    I came across a virtual video I've never seen. I think it was posted about a year ago...
  7. Donalex

    Feature Quiz: what is this?

    So, the thing hanging down in front of the tire is called something, and has a specific purpose. What is its name, and why is it there? BONUS QUESTION: almost all performance cars have them, but what is special about those on the Z? Good luck...
  8. Donalex

    If the New Z was styled more like the Z32
  9. Donalex

    Toyota GR SPORTS EV Concept could be an electric MR2 successor
  10. Donalex

    New Z Press Kit

    Here's an online press release which outlines the car in great detail, with a marketing bent.
  11. Donalex

    Jalopnik story on why chips are difficult to get...

    It's not what you think...
  12. Donalex


    I had my first visit to Brandon Nissan. Had to get my Z32 serviced. Absolutely fantastic visit, all staff encountered was friendly. Sales manager stated allocations in January, deliveries in "June-ish".