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  1. 6-Speed Manual vs. 9-Speed Automatic - POV Track Test in Nissan Z

    Because most buyers won't ever be using on a track nor illegally boy-racing it around the streets. Those that do do such things will be busily ruining the car in many ways anyway. so will get whichever tyres they want.
  2. (Hagerty) How fast is the new $50k Nissan Z? — New Z vs Supra vs Mustang Mach-1

    There's ALWAYS ALWAYS a need to test drive. Although the new Z is based on a lot of the old 370Z, there are also lots of differences. Even at the most basic level, the styling changes to the body may mean you find it more difficult or easier to see out of.
  3. Rebirth of an Icon: Next Generation Acura NSX Unveiled

    Having watched the video, they didn't even drag race the two eras of NSX. They raced the old NSX against an old, modified, Nissan GTR.
  4. Paint to Sample Program (à la Porsche)

    For the poll, it would depend on how much extra they would charge for a custom colour - I know they're already charging for some "standard" colours in some countries.
  5. Canadian pricing announced

    The definition has blurred more recently, but a "muscle car" tends to be all brawn and no finesse - it goes fast in a straight line, but can't do corners. (Some definitions also require a V8 engine.). Whereas a true "sports car" has far more finesse and can go around corners. If they were the...
  6. Canadian pricing announced

    ^ But that's a "muscle car", not a "sports car" ... there is a difference.
  7. Tranmissions?

    Not sure the new Z actually has a "real manual" gearbox. :( With the rev-matching and no-lift gear changes, there has to be some sort of electronic gimmickry going on, but hopefully not as bad as the automatic-in-"manual-mode" silliness.
  8. R35 Nissan GT-R Thread

    ^ Gee, I wonder which one wins? ;)
  9. Nissan Z Meme Thread

    That happens in most industries. This thing the 'business experts' call "competition" doesn't really exist. Most companies basically match whatever price their "competitor" is able to sell a similar product for. Apple makes the iPhone, so Samsung releases their top-end phones at around the...
  10. 2023 Nissan Z Reviews Are In (Compiled List Inside)

    With all the silly animated startup effects on the dashboard, it takes a while to be ready to actually drive. :(
  11. 2023 Nissan Z Reviews Are In (Compiled List Inside)

    Just stick a piece of coloured plastic film over the top. ;)
  12. Random Car News Thread

    Tesla Driver on Trial for Autopilot Crash That Killed Two It's the first time a U.S. driver is being prosecuted for deaths in a crash where Autopilot was involved. About time. Far too many fools think it is actual autonomous driving. Tesla should be in court for misleading...
  13. Who wants the "Nissan Z" tire stencil?

    You could always try something like this with a "Z" instead of "VW", but you'd have to get them custom-made ...
  14. Who wants the "Nissan Z" tire stencil?

    Nah ... I've just found the perfect wheels ... ;) They come in various styles, colours, and paint (including a panda or the bear wearing overalls) ... there's even a koala version for the Australians.
  15. Who wants the "Nissan Z" tire stencil?

    I thought it looked silly when I found the image (before that I had only heard it briefly mentioned in a video).
  16. What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    Only any good if you like driving around in a massive red Smiley. :)
  17. Nissan Z Proto Scale Model

    It's not cheap, but you can buy the data for a 3D graphics computer model at for US$129. You can use it for various still and moving images, games, etc.
  18. Hands Up all the Aussies

    Sorry, my price was per litre.
  19. Random Car News Thread

    That's why I still drive a 1994 200sx. :)
  20. Hands Up all the Aussies

    ^ If that's Au$, then you're lucky. It's about Au$3 (US$2.18) here for 98. :(