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  1. Ziggy

    2023 Lotus Emira

    The four-cylinder First Edition model will start at $73,900. Maybe $70k base model four-cylinder without the options???
  2. Ziggy

    Porsche Mission R Is A 1,073 HP Electric Racing Car That Hints At Brand’s Future Styling

    I saw it in person and it looked extremely expensive even parked next to the GT4 RS. I don’t think the established cayman pricing can support electric yet on the low to mid trims. Maybe as the top dog $150k cayman if they tone everything down to half.
  3. Ziggy

    Z at DC Auto Show

    I went to the LA Auto Show and they had both the yellow and blue ones there together. You could stand next to blue one for a close up look but the yellow was on a stage. They were also giving out this poster in exchange for email addresses.
  4. Ziggy

    What are your top 3 colors for the new Z?

    my opinion changes every time I see new photos, but I wanted Monarch Orange from the beginning so… 1. Orange (The TAS proto orange, if it becomes available) 2. Boulder 3. Diamond black
  5. Ziggy

    Would you buy the JDM Customized Proto fender flares?

    Where’s the thread for the orange calipers on the custom? I want to vote for that too. 🤣
  6. Ziggy

    Which OEM spoiler do you like best?

    Full width spoiler with the black for me. Hoping with the warm reception of the custom proto, Nissan will use many of these design elements on the Nismo.
  7. Ziggy

    One-Off Fairlady Z Customized Proto Revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

    I can’t stop thinking about this car. I previously owned a 2014 mustang and currently a 2018 Abarth 124 spider so it makes sense this styling would speak to me. Haha I want this exactly as it is. I’ll just change the exhaust.
  8. Ziggy

    Z Face Off: Which Front Design Do You Prefer?

    I also prefer the new grille inserts on the right one.
  9. Ziggy

    Japanese Spec Fairlady Z Schedule/TAS Live Events Schedule

    I’m definitely waiting until they offer this car in orange. Even if I don’t go full Fairlady badge, just moving the Z from the black panel to the spoiler would be nice.
  10. Ziggy

    Japanese Spec Fairlady Z Schedule/TAS Live Events Schedule

    But what’s the third one down at the end under the tarp next to the Nismo Gt500? Is that my Nismo????
  11. Ziggy

    Japanese Spec Fairlady Z Schedule/TAS Live Events Schedule

    Probably. But I’m clinging to an old rumor last year from an unreliable source stating the Nismo was coming to TAS. 🤣
  12. Ziggy

    Japanese Spec Fairlady Z Schedule/TAS Live Events Schedule

    I’ll be looking forward to the 8pm car release as I’m hoping it’s the Nismo. 🤞
  13. Ziggy

    Introducing the 2024 All-Electric Chevrolet Silverado

    I like it a lot. I put down the placeholder deposit to get in line for one of these. I’m not really a truck person and these seems like not really a truck. I liked the midgate. I want a lifestyle truck for hiking, getting to tent campsites, carrying bikes, kayaks, and paddle boards. Only other...
  14. Ziggy

    Would you buy an electric or hybrid Z?

    EV yes; hybrid no. It would fix the front bumper probably.
  15. Ziggy

    The car(s) you wish you had back?

    If I had to pick one, it would be my Z32. Loved the t-top. For as much as I love cars, I weirdly don’t wish I had any of them back. I’m always sad when I let them go, but on to the next thing I guess. I regret the ones I didn’t/won’t get to buy. Wish I would have bought a used 991.1 in 2019...
  16. Ziggy

    Photos: Boulder Gray & Black Diamond Nissan Z spotted on transport truck

    I think it’s a gun metallic hatch on a black car.
  17. Ziggy

    BLACK DIAMOND Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    Love it. Unexpectedly, diamond black with a blue interior has moved into my first place color combo.