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  1. Will the Z’s weight matter to you? / How the Z's weight stack up to the competition

    Yes weight does play a bit of a factor, of course. I wish it were less, but I'm not drag racing nor going to be a Texas highway hero. It's a 3 season car for me, on mountain B-Roads, and will see some track use (not scca parking lot tracks). If it loads up and transitions that weight well enough...
  2. 2023 Nissan Z Vehicle Price Ordering Guide LEAKED First Look!

    Glad that Canada is getting their info. Hopefully we get our info soon too, but automakers aren't too kind to us here. Only thing I got from the dealers here in PA is they haven't received allocation counts yet. When they do there is a window they have try and get what color/trim/options they...
  3. Anyone place deposit for 2023 Nissan Z or gotten on waitlist? / Are you able to place an order?

    I contacted a few dealers here in PA today and nobody heard anything yet, anyone in the US hear anything? They all said they aren't doing orders, but when they get their allocations they will contact me. The one I have a connection with said the same, and that I'm still first shot at non-proto...
  4. 2023 Z exhaust and startup sounds - video

    Oh boy... If I get one and they need a prototype, I'll take it straight to AWE. The car is too quiet. Needs volume and grit.
  5. 2023 Nissan Z Exhaust Note Sound - Revving on Video

    Eeww. If I get one early on, I'll be driving it straight to AWE after I get it clear wrapped and ceramic coated. It needs some volume and grit.
  6. IKAZUCHI YELLOW Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    This yellow is all over the place. I have to see it in person. I don't know if people are adjusting levels, or if their cameras are automatically, but it is so hard to gauge what it'll look like in person.
  7. PASSION RED Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    I'm in the same boat. My last red car was back in the day I had a Celica GT-S 6-spd body kitted out and everything and I had it painted House of Kolors Kandy apple red, true multi-stage, and it was gorgeous. I know this wouldn't look that good, but if it's close it could second guess me from Blue.
  8. Z at DC Auto Show

    The blue looks so good. It seems like it's hard to capture it in pics but I saw a few unaltered pics and there's not just a metallic but a load of pearl in there too. Yellow seems hard to capture too, leads me to think the yellow is loaded with pearl. While I wish there was a wild green or...
  9. 2023 Nissan Z Exhaust Note

    Oof. And that's the performance trim judging by the spoiler and wheels, so that means it's the sport exhaust, and I doubt the North American model will have a different one. I hope I'm wrong though, because this sounds like a leaf blower. I would do an exhaust as soon as a good one comes out...
  10. 2023 Nissan Z Exhaust Note

    Everything I've heard thus far is disappointing, I hope I didn't hear the "sports" exhaust from the performance package yet, especially since you're paying more for said exhaust in the performance package. We heard it in the unveil, but that's a carefully constructed and leveled trailer. Heard...
  11. Best looks at the 2023 Z undercarriage

    I just hope it sounds decent enough to hold me over until AWE, ETS, or AMS comes out with something good. Then again if the catback is good, maybe a simple downpipe will be enough.
  12. Akio Toyoda Visits Nissan Z at TAS

    Akio having an "oof" moment there seeing what a true homage is to the prior greats. And insult to injury, they threw him into the manual car.
  13. Tamura San driving Fairlady Z at Tokyo Auto Salon

    Exhaust sounds terrible, even for stock. The Silver Z in the US sounds a little better. Remember, sport exhaust is in the performance package, if you're paying for that I expect something from it.
  14. How/what exactly are you placing your order at dealerships ?

    "Blue on blue manual performance, no extended warranty, no ADM, thanks."
  15. One-Off Fairlady Z Customized Proto Revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

    I'll take the spoiler please and thanks. Maybe the flares. Gotta get nice rear window louvers and some mild drop springs and should be set personally. This is rapidly becoming my first potential Nissan. I'm just very concerned on the Performance price and of course no buyer protection from...
  16. JDM Nissan Fairlady Z: Photos, Spec and Press Release

    Nissan should just let their dealers mark up the Protos so they sit and rot on showroom floors and lock down the rest of the Z's by saying markups are a bad customer experience, and that it has a negative impact to the image of the Nissan brand and any mark ups or ridiculous dealer add ons will...
  17. One-Off Fairlady Z Customized Proto Revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

    Hmm, I don't totally hate those fender flares. Usually I don't like them on newer cars, they look ok here. Love the spoiler. Color is great too. I thought there should be like a crazy orange, green, and/or purple for this car.
  18. Japanese Spec Fairlady Z Schedule/TAS Live Events Schedule

    Between chip shortages and dealer mark ups, this might be the only Z any of us can get.
  19. Ikazuchi Yellow Z spotted at docks in British Columbia

    I would be very interested in a nice yellow, especially yellow metallic. But this color confuses me. In part because everyone thinks they're an artist or YouTube star and play with the sliders in their free photo editing app, this color looks different every time. Most of the time it looks a...
  20. Sport Z Spotted With Black Interior & Smaller Infotainment Screen

    Starting to get more and more pics and vids show up, which is a great thing. Hopefully that means we're closer to seeing some first drive vids. Even better would be Nissan just creating a bigger pile of Z's to be ready at launch. I assumed the difference between the 8" and 9" screens would be...