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  1. BRZto400Z

    RACE VIDEO! 2023 Nissan Z in Brilliant Silver races modded 2017 Subaru STI

    Just what I wanted to see on my Birthday!! Can’t wait!
  2. BRZto400Z

    Need y’all’s opinion… Q60 redsport vs Z

    Im in a bit of a dilemma, I recently sold my only car to car max about 4k over sticker and was positive by quite a bit. The reason I did this was because I got a job on a cruise ship for 6 months. (When I get back the Z will be released) Would it be smarter to get a Q60 redsport if I can get it...
  3. BRZto400Z

    Where to get the new Z in Texas?

    If the Nissan dealership gives me information of course 😂
  4. BRZto400Z

    Where to get the new Z in Texas?

    Crazy enough I just got a job at Infiniti as a salesman and am already making a killing!! On that note we’re part of a 19 dealer company with 2 of them being Nissan! I spoke with one of the GMs and he said employees don’t pay markup… hopefully it’s not talk!
  5. BRZto400Z

    Where to get the new Z in Texas?

    Hey guys I’ve been in this group since the new Z was announced but I prefer reading over writing! 😅 On that note does anyone know the big Z dealers in Texas? I really want the proto spec so I don’t mind the markup. Only problem is I live by the border so I doubt any dealerships down here will...