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  1. Z Proto Front Bumper with Cross Beam / Z35 with 240Z inspired grille bar

    Maybe a new thread should be made with this mock-up and the one debuted at the show to show what people prefer. Personally this edit is so much better. Definitely make sure Dan sees it!
  2. This is how the new Z should have looked like from the start

    Maybe a new thread should be made with this mock-up and the one debuted at the show to show what people prefer. Personally this edit is so much better. Definitely make sure Dan sees it!
  3. Best looks at the 2023 Z undercarriage

    I wonder how Nissan addressed weight distribution. From the looks of this picture the performance trim will not only not have that big heavy muffler but omit the spare tire most likely and then coupled with all the extra weight up front.
  4. Best looks at the 2023 Z undercarriage

    I thought it was already shown that the performance trim would come equipped with two sport mufflers that resembled short tails that came as an option on the Infiniti Q50/60 platform.
  5. Best looks at the 2023 Z undercarriage

    The most glaring thing to me is the design of the exhaust. Other than the diff as noted, nothing is really standing out to me. Where were these photos taken?
  6. 2023 Nissan Z Official Release! Specs, Pics, Videos, Wallpapers

    Any ideas how Nissan was able to put thinner tires in the rear with considerably more torque and hitting earlier in the powerband over the 370z Nismo which ran wider tires in the rear?
  7. Nissan Z headed to Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, including customized Z concept debut

    Considering that Nismos share similar designs across their product line up (if you look at past nismos of the same time frames) hopefully the new nismo has more drastic changes then what we see on the Aura Note compared to its counterpart.
  8. 2023 Nissan Z Exhaust Sound Clip Video

    Holy crap that thing RIPS! The exhaust sounds better and louder than what I was expecting even compared to the Q60.
  9. What is the situation with 0-60?

    4.7 seconds seems right for a 6MT 370z with the 7AT being about 0.2s quicker at around 4.5 seconds. The new Z in manual will probably be around 4.1 seconds manual and probably 3.9 seconds automatic. As far as what is more powerful, the Z wins hands down. The powerband is much wider on the new Z...
  10. Q&A with Nissan US Product Comms & Executive Guests - Submit your questions for post-reveal discussion!

    @Dan_Passe Hey Dan, were revisions done to the engine or the transmission bell housing to get them to mate up? I wanted to know if any one of these parts could drop right into a 370z since they share the same chassis. Also how much heavier is the new 6MT vs its predecessor? Thank you.
  11. Let's talk about weight

    The weight stated includes the turbos, inter coolers and associated piping, the engine block itself weighs less as it is smaller. That’s a good point though, but both weights are dry weight I believe. I could be wrong, maybe someone more knowledgeable could chime in. Although Tamasura stated in...
  12. Let's talk about weight

    The VR30DDTT (486lbs) is only 17.7lbs more than the VQ37VHR (469lbs).
  13. Official Nissan Z Nismo Discussion / News & Speculation via Bestcarweb Japan

    I don't understand why the majority of these nismo renders look almost identical to the base model. Since when has nissan made a nismo version of their Z cars with the same front and rear fascia?? The Nismo versions have always looked different and imo better with a sportier more aggressive look.
  14. NISMO Z Configuration Poll - What Specs Would You Like to See?

    Although I agree with many here with the changes stated for the Nismo version there are some things that I notice some people aren't mentioning. I think the nismo version should capitalize on what nissan sports cars are all about which are response, agility, fun, balance and power. Although it...