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  1. fliplover

    Revealed: Factory Front License Plate Location / Plate Holder for 2023 Z

    And cooling. It needs to be covering the bottom two rows of the top grill. This is where the bumper support is, so a plate here wouldn't interfere with anything.
  2. fliplover

    Whats your price breaking point for a Z???

    I will have a hard time justifying more than 47k USD for the performance manual. I have a coworker who's friend works for Nissan USA corporate. He is estimating around 10k ADM, at least initially. His advice is to hold off until late summer/early fall after the initial hype dies down.
  3. fliplover

    Ford Mustang thread

    What's a 400?
  4. fliplover

    CITIZEN x NISSAN Fairlady Z Watch

    Now THIS is a watch for an automotive enthusiast!
  5. fliplover

    2023 Nissan Z Vehicle Price Ordering Guide LEAKED First Look!

    Before anyone gets their knickers in too much of a twist looking at exterior/interior combos available here, keep in mind this is the ordering guide for Canada. The US cars may have different choices available. I for one certainly hope so!
  6. fliplover

    Nissan Z shoes, apparel and merchandise

    I don't see 400 anywhere on this. I'll wait until they make a corrected version. 🤣
  7. fliplover

    What's in the news today... (NO COVID / POLITICS) Looking at this guy's mugshot, its always the ones you least suspect. 🤣
  8. fliplover

    Hot Wheels release the Nissan Z Proto

    If y'all think the bidding on this toy is ridiculous, wait until the actual Proto spec car is available. 🤣
  9. fliplover

    Hot Wheels release the Nissan Z Proto

    I was bidding on one yesterday on eBay. Someone outbid my high offer of $40 shortly after I placed it. I don't need one that badly.
  10. fliplover

    JDM Customized Proto Wheels vs Performance vs Sport

    @Dan_Passe There seems to be quite a bit of interest in the wheels on the TAS Custom Proto. Is there any chance these might become available as an option in the future?
  11. fliplover

    JDM Customized Proto Wheels vs Performance vs Sport

    Does anyone have a manufacturer and model name for the custom wheels?
  12. fliplover

    2023 Nissan Z Exhaust Note Sound - Revving on Video The Google translate of this article strongly inplies a special muffler for the JDM market to compy with noise regulations.
  13. fliplover

    Anyone place deposit for 2023 Nissan Z or gotten on waitlist? / Are you able to place an order?

    I have contacted several dealerships near me, both in state and out of state. According to all of them, I am now on the list of people to receive a call once they receive notice of their allocations. I am second on one dealer's list and further down on the others. Not one of them has even...
  14. fliplover

    What are your top 3 colors for the new Z?

    1. Yellow 2. Orange (The TAS proto orange, if it becomes available) 3. Black (so I can wrap it a different color) EDIT: I really like the blue, but apparently so do a lot of other people. That may tank it for me.
  15. fliplover

    Hands Up all the Aussies

    I've rented the Quashi in Europe, it is boring. It is known as the Rogue here in the US. It is also what my wife currently drives. I don't know about down under, but the Rogue is a top seller here in the US and the recent redesign has received very favorable reviews. I don't agree with them...
  16. fliplover

    Random Car News Thread
  17. fliplover

    Who wants the "Nissan Z" tire stencil?

    There are people on Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy selling tire stencils and stickers. Someone just needs to make a template. And hope Nissan won't sue. 🤣
  18. fliplover

    11/26 Update From Dealer: 2023 Nissan Z reservations open February and goes on sale May-June 2022

    I could reach for the old joke. "How do you know a salesman is lying? His lips are moving!" But in this case, with him knowing I'm only after the Z, I don't see any motivation for him to lie. I already have a decent relationship with the guy having purchased my wife's Rogue from him. Now...
  19. fliplover

    JDM Customized Proto Wheels vs Performance vs Sport

    When the time comes for new tires and wheels, I'm definitely going to try to find the ones shown on the orange car.
  20. fliplover

    11/26 Update From Dealer: 2023 Nissan Z reservations open February and goes on sale May-June 2022

    I just got a call from the salesman at my local dealer. They don't have their allocations yet so they don't know what cars they will be receiving, but they were told cars should be hitting the lot sometime in March. He said obviously that may change, but that's the word the buyer received...