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  1. RACE VIDEO! 2023 Nissan Z in Brilliant Silver races modded 2017 Subaru STI

    Stock G37x - from what I've seen are 99mph-102mph in the 1/4. They're pretty heavy EDIT: Car and Driver review posted a 102mph Offtopic Elantra N and Kona N are dynoing 280whp and 295wtq. DCT...
  2. RACE VIDEO! 2023 Nissan Z in Brilliant Silver races modded 2017 Subaru STI

    Nice race! The Z test driver is probably fired once Nissan HQ sees this 🤔
  3. Bmw and MB planning to keep prices high after chip shortage ends Well it looks like BMW and MB are planning to keep prices high after the chip shortage ends by limiting new car inventory. Expect every manufacturer to do the same. Manufacturers get more profit, dealers will get their mark up...
  4. Video: Brilliant Silver and Gun Metallic 2023 Zs spotted without camo in Colorado!

    Blue or gunmetal? I cant make up my mind 🤔
  5. External CSC?

    Looks like Z1 motorsports confirmed in their IG post w/pics that the CSC has been changed from internal to external on the new Z. Great news!
  6. What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    I'd say the past Camaros were trending more towards muscle, but the 6th gen is a sportcar.
  7. What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    My price limit was $40K for the Z, but I don't want the sport trim, since it's missing things I find important in a sports car. It wasn't until I watched this Motor Trend video review on the Camaro 1LE which made me a believer. These are going for $40K used, but once the market stabalizes they...
  8. Spec Sheets: Tell us what YOUR 2023 Nissan Z build specs will look like and why!

    Performance trim 6 speed manual Blue exterior or Gun metallic Red Interior Bronze wheels
  9. External CSC?

    So, enthusiastpov on instagram who works at Z1 motorsports just stated that the new Z has an external CSC. The Z was shown at Zcon, so this could be possible inside information being shared 😀
  10. What car are you getting instead of the Z?

    My decision depends on final price, but if it ends up being too much for the top trim I'm going to look for a 6th gen Camaro SS 1LE. Reason is this 1LE trim is track ready, one of the best chassis on the market, and looks aggressive over the standard Camaro. 3 years after the Z comes out I'll...
  11. Is $40k a good price for a 400hp Z?

    Same, I'll be looking for a 6th Gen SS 1LE if the top trim Z is priced too high.
  12. Is $40k a good price for a 400hp Z?

    In general $40K for 400hp is good, but when you see what the base (sport) model has you start to scratch your head. The lack of LSD on the base model is concerning and no synchro rev match on the base? The top trim (performance) model is the one to get obviously. If base was around $35K-$37K...
  13. Which Z trim model are you getting? 2.0 ver (after reveal)

    Performance for me, but it's probably going to be mid to high $40K, so I will have to wait a few years for it to depreciate.. I would prefer the sport, but it's missing too many "Sport" items. I agree with the poster above that there needs to be a middle trim between sport and performance.
  14. What to do between now and April?

    We need an online configurator to keep us busy!!
  15. Lease or Buy

    I always advocate buying over leasing, but any sports car I've bought in the past I've never kept more than 4 years. It will be interesting to see what lease rates Nissan will give when the car is released. So, will you buy new or lease?
  16. 2023 Nissan Z Official Release! Specs, Pics, Videos, Wallpapers

    Not sure if electric power steering is good or bad on this car.
  17. 2023 Nissan Z Official Release! Specs, Pics, Videos, Wallpapers

    This thing loaded up is definately hitting $50K We need the online configurater asap!
  18. Will $5k or $10k more be too much?

    I think I'm going to wait for a used one in a year or two with sport pack. Not saying $40K for base is a bad price, but if the used market corrects by next spring, then you can pick up great performance cars for $40K such as F82 M4 and C7 corvette stingray. if it was $35K base, then 5K for the...
  19. Q&A with Nissan US Product Comms & Executive Guests - Submit your questions for post-reveal discussion!

    @Dan_Passe I think your COO dropped the ball a few hours early :D