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  1. CJY84

    One-Off Fairlady Z Customized Proto Revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

    There's something about that front end that doesn't seem quite right. I actually prefer the stock/standard front end. It reminds me of a mustang and sls gullwing
  2. CJY84

    One-Off Fairlady Z Customized Proto Revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

    i was thinking the exact same thing haha
  3. CJY84

    Manual Supra Confirmed for 23?

    Im still keen on the Z. The Supra 3.0 in Manual would be tempting, but then again the pricing for the supra down in in Oz is stupid. around $105-$110k brand new and about $80k-$100k second hand, hence we rarely seem them on the road. if a GRMN version was release that would be way too expensive...
  4. CJY84

    Which color Z interior are you getting?

    i was going for red/black, but might play it safe and just go with black/black. i really need to see more pictures. you are going to spend most of the time inside, so i really wanna make sure im happy with the interior colours.
  5. CJY84

    R35 Nissan GT-R Thread

    Thats not too bad. check the prices down here in Australia
  6. CJY84

    2023 Nissan Z spotted with Fairlady Z badge

    yeah thats pretty dope. im leaning towards doing the same thing and removing the "Z"
  7. CJY84

    Production Nissan Z Revealed in Patent Images!

    yeah i dont think so, it also acts as the latch for the boot
  8. CJY84

    Dealer Update Vancouver BC Canada

    the dealer i put my deposit down was pretty good. He knew all the details. Deposit was only $500. Other dealers were asking $3000
  9. CJY84

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    yeah, dont get me wrong, i think the Supra is amazing. awesome reviews, sounds great, with a few mods it can look dope. All the youtube vidoes on the supra are great. i would love to get one, if i wasnt getting a Z, ill be getting a supra. Down here in Sydney, a brand new Supra is going for...
  10. CJY84

    Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    i love how all the Supra owners are trying to justify their car. He goes on about all this history yet, the new Z has more history than the current Zupra. The Zupra has no relation or ties to previous supra's and its basically just a rebadge Z4.
  11. CJY84

    BRILLIANT SILVER Nissan Z Color Pics & Club

    i heard this one was in an accident. looks like its been doing its track testing on the streets haha
  12. CJY84

    Hands Up all the Aussies

    Suttons City Nissan are taking $3k deposit. We seem to know more then them. they couldnt tell me what colour interiors were available and said only black is the only option. They just kept referring to the details listed on the nissan australia website.
  13. CJY84

    2020 Toyota Supra makes world debut

    Supra in Manual is Coming what you guys reckon?
  14. CJY84

    Hands Up all the Aussies

    Another Aussie here! Sydney Based. Looking at getting into a 6MT Everest White Red Interior (will see what options we get over here) having put down an order or deposit as i want to wait and see the reviews and check out the car in person. Also a bit up in the air about waiting for a Nismo? how...
  15. CJY84

    Which color Z interior are you getting?

    Damn, i was hoping to go Everest White with Red interior. SO australia wont be getting red or blue?