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  1. Z Face Off: Which Front Design Do You Prefer?

    a poll would be nice.. but its LEFT for me.
  2. One-Off Fairlady Z Customized Proto Revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

    Not feeling the front bumper at all or the rear exhaust tips.. not sure about the fender flares either. The colour looks good though.. hope they offer it as an option?
  3. Manual Supra Confirmed for 23?

    If the manual will only be offered on a limited GRMN edition.. no way will I be able to afford that. If the manual was also offered on the standard 3.0 and priced relatively close to the Z with the Performance package.. then I would consider it. I would still lean a bit more towards the Z...
  4. Ikazuchi Yellow Z spotted at docks in British Columbia

    I was going to say it may be headed down for the Toronto Auto show, which is usually held on February.. but I just noticed it was cancelled. :(
  5. Expected pricing model?

    Yes, the Rays wheels are probably 2-3K, if you was buying the wheels separately from the dealership.. but not as part of a whole package.. if that makes any sense? The 3.0 Supra is about $52K MSRP. I'm expecting Nissan to undercut the Supra.. so my guess is 42K for the Sport manual and $47K for...
  6. 2023 Z exhaust and startup sounds - video

    Sounds alright.. but i guess the inner ricer in me wants more crackles and pops.
  7. Expected pricing model?

    Yah, I'm hoping no higher than 5K for the performance model with manual.
  8. Best looks at the 2023 Z undercarriage

    That's cause the new Z still shares the same chassis from the 370Z.
  9. Lexus Electrified Sport Concept Previewing a LFA successor

    Underneath it all is just a BMW i8.
  10. RACE VIDEO! 2023 Nissan Z in Brilliant Silver races modded 2017 Subaru STI

    9 The STI is hardly what I would state "designed for the corners.." stock they understeer pretty bad. They handle excellent on loose gravel or snow though. My friends 19 STI with an intake, exhaust and a light tune was putting 330ish whp
  11. RACE VIDEO! 2023 Nissan Z in Brilliant Silver races modded 2017 Subaru STI

    Or he could be just not in Sport Mode at the time when he decided to give it the beans?
  12. Whose Z reviews are you most looking forwards to?

    Chris Harris.. He actually drives these cars to its limits. He wasn't all too impressed with the 370Z.. I would like to hear his feedback on the new Z, considering this is after all still a 370Z underneath it all. Jason Cammisa.. I always love the work and videos he puts out.. almost feels...
  13. RACE VIDEO! 2023 Nissan Z in Brilliant Silver races modded 2017 Subaru STI

    Weren't the Q50/60 RS putting down 385-390ish whp?
  14. Is Nissan really serious about improving the Z's handling?

    Anyone know if the steering of the new Z will be hydraulic assisted and has Nissan looked into the CSC issues the 370Z had?