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  1. What are your top 3 colors for the new Z?

    My preference is as follows. 1. Blue 2. Yellow or Orange 3. Black However even though my preference is for blue I want/am getting the Proto Spec so yellow. As a side note for some reason I think the Z potentially would look good in green. Like a dark metallic green.
  2. Who wants the "Nissan Z" tire stencil?

    Yeah I looked into making a template a couple of days ago, but I don't think I would be able to do a nice enough job myself. I would prefer to get if done professionally or better yet be an option for the car so that it looks perfect.
  3. Hands Up all the Aussies

    My sister in law's Cousin is from Perth and see went overseas for her fathers funeral last month but obviously wasn't able to go back to WA directly and came back to Australia via Brisbane and had the stay with her Aunt for the quarantine period before she can go back to Perth. She is still in...
  4. Who wants the "Nissan Z" tire stencil?

    I like it a lot! It is a simple mod that visually adds a lot to the car and should be fairly cheap to do and can be done diy fairly easily. I think normally stenciling tyres can potentially be a bit too much, but because so many Z show cars have been seen with it now it dosen't look out of place.
  5. 2022 BMW 2-Series Coupe G42 Leaked! + M2

    I don't think the 455HP figure has been confirmed anywhere only speculated at this stage but that figure either way I believe would be too high for the regular M2, the M2 Comp possibly but definitely not the normal M2.
  6. Which OEM spoiler do you like best?

    I don't know what it is but the spoiler on this seems to make it look even more like a 300ZX from the rear than the standard version to me. I am not sure if I like it or not and is probably the only thing I am not sold on for the kit. Actually I am also not a fan of the exhaust either.
  7. Would you buy the JDM Customized Proto fender flares?

    I don't mind the entire kit, especially the front splitter and sides skirts with the carbon details as if I upgrade the exhaust I want carbon tips so this would go with that. It will be interesting to see if Nissan offers any of it outside of Japan. I would be more interested to know if people...
  8. Hands Up all the Aussies

    Yeah it makes it a lot easier to visualize being behind the wheel when it is in a more familiar configuration. Amazing what difference it makes. There is potential that it might be a global release at the same time for every market but you would have to have enough supply for that to be...
  9. JDM Nissan Fairlady Z: Photos, Spec and Press Release

    That equates to roughly $84k AUD which is actually probably is close to what the price in Australia would be if it still plans to undercut the Supra here which is around $90k here.
  10. One-Off Fairlady Z Customized Proto Revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

    I quite like the customized Proto as it at least differentiates a limited edition model a lot more than the normal Proto Spec does from a regular Z. However it is a bit confusing and I am sure we will eventually find out the answers but if this is limited to 240 cars does this mean it is to be...
  11. Ikazuchi Yellow Z spotted at docks in British Columbia

    Has the number of Proto Spec models been confirmed for the Canadian market? As far as I am aware only the US market has confirmed numbers of 240 Proto Spec's. Here in Australia it is yet to be confirmed how many Proto Spec's will be available. We are obviously a much smaller market compared to...
  12. Has Z production already started?

    I would say it is most likely Rosewood Metallic.
  13. Which color Z interior are you getting?

    No we can choose the colour for the interior and exterior of the car, bar the Proto Spec of course, it is just that the blue interior is not an option available in Australia. The only options we have are the all black interior or the red and black interior. That is at least what was avaiable on...
  14. Which color Z interior are you getting?

    In Australia we won't be getting the blue interior as far as I am aware, however the spec guide from the dealers lists either black or red and black interior, there was no standalone red interior option. Not sure if this will be the case for other markets but that's what we will get here.
  15. Hobbies & collectors thread

    I am a collector of liquor, mainly whisky's, but also other spirit's like Rum etc. Since this forum is predominately American I will post some pic's of some of my rarer American whisky's that hopefully some of you may know. My full Pappy collection bar the 25yr as I missed out on that. 3x...
  16. Hands Up all the Aussies

    As always your dedication to finding out any information you can on the Z is amazing West Aussie! So the Proto Z allocation has been exhausted. It will be interesting to find out how many have been allocated for Australia. Hopefully it isn't as many as the 240 for the US market as it will make...
  17. Best interiors!

    Pagani do some of the nicest interiors out there. Zonda Huayra However my favorite interior of all time is the De Tomaso P72!
  18. Hands Up all the Aussies

    New article on the Z with reference to hidden design details of older models which most of us already know about. The article still speculates that prices should start around the $70k mark.
  19. Hands Up all the Aussies

    The 240 Proto Spec's being made for the US market is to pay a bit of a homage to the original Z the 240Z. So at most you would think Australia or any other market outside of the US would get 240 Proto Spec's. However as the US is the largest market for it and they are making only 240 to keep...
  20. New Nissan Z launches in Australia mid-2022 with two trims (Z coupe + Z Proto Spec)

    My bad I didn't see that the red had been photo-shopped.