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  1. 400GOZ

    Which color Z interior are you getting?

    I'm in Eric's boat, I've selected the Black interior. Depending on the red I might change the colour. P.s It's going to be Everest White I can't wait to see what the red will look like
  2. 400GOZ

    Zeee Flutter - What are your plans? BOV or Compressor Surge?

    Hi All, I've been wondering how I will accomplish the perfect sound. I don't wish to surge the turbos, I'm thinking BOV but they never seem to sound as good. Just wondering what options do I have? and just in general what you think.....
  3. 400GOZ

    Nissan Z demographics

    Why does it feel like all these posts are just data gathering 😄 How old are you? Are you Vaxxed? What's your income? are you married? Is your grandma still alive? Where will your Z be registered?
  4. 400GOZ

    New Nissan Z launches in Australia mid-2022 with two trims (Z coupe + Z Proto Spec)

    ”And the the choice of black/black or red/black interior” Are there any images of the red/black interior?
  5. 400GOZ

    What purpose will your Z serve?

    Weekends, late night mountian runs, track and car cruises. Afew of my friends own unicorns, 2 x R34's, a type x 180, AE86 and an R35 the Z will fit in nicely crusing with those legends. I'll keep my current car for shopping centers, sitting in traffic, work, heavy rain, driving around with...
  6. 400GOZ

    2023 Nissan Z Brochure Catalog First Look!

    Good to know, thank you
  7. 400GOZ

    2023 Nissan Z Brochure Catalog First Look!

    I don't know how you plan to drive this car, but I'm going to use the car for its intended purpose... not to drive it to work and the grocery store. You don't need to see the track to use a sports car? there are plenty of mountain roads that have great speed limits. 99% of users are buying a...
  8. 400GOZ

    2023 Nissan Z Brochure Catalog First Look!

    As I posted that, I went into the "Suspension, Chassis, Brakes" section and realised the "Performance" would be receiving Akebonos. In Australia, we are getting two trims "Proto" and "Performance" what will the Proto run? 6 pot Akebonos or Brembos? Thanks for the response. That's interesting...
  9. 400GOZ

    2023 Nissan Z Brochure Catalog First Look!

    I'm in Australia, I placed my order on 20/11/21 Everest white. There was quite abit of confusion on what brake calipers the premium will have I guess that’s the answer, 4 pot Brembo’s I wish they stuck with the original 6 pot plan
  10. 400GOZ

    Anyone place deposit for 2022 Nissan Z or gotten on waitlist?

    I'm a huge nissan fan, owned a s13,14,15 I've been waiting for Nissan to come out with a 6 twin, manual for a very long time. I live in Australian and I'm keeping track on Z news through forums around the world. I called my local dealership and they said I can't get on the list untill pricing...