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  1. TaroBaapG35

    Used car prices...

    I just sold my dad's 2019 Accord Sport (@13k miles) for $8k more then what we paid for it new...Carvana FTW.
  2. TaroBaapG35

    Orders Open on 11/15/21 for 2022 Nissan Z

    yea I was in the same boat as you looking at multiple ICE cars instead of the Z, until i drove the Model 3 and Model Y Performances. Now, the Z and possible GT3 in the future, will be my last ICE cars, and I'm shifting to EV for sure. Ordered a M3 LR for the wifey 2 days after having the MY...
  3. TaroBaapG35

    anyone ever had their car wrapped?

    Yea, I've seen wrapped cars, and they def look amazing, and require less maintenance then normal paint, but for me, if I can't get all the jambs, crevices etc wrapped as well, my OCD would make me rip the rest of the wrap off. I've wrapped roofs, hoods, spoilers, chrome trims/accents, and can...
  4. TaroBaapG35

    All 2023 Nissan Z Colors Rendered

    Yea, I inadvertently bought a Brilliant Silver 370z, wasn't a fan of it, but then realized its the sweet spot between actual cleanliness and how clean it looks since the color hides the dirtyness well. Also, with the silver, certain accents pop nicely, but the color is def much more neutral...
  5. TaroBaapG35

    More looks at Z Sport trim 18” wheels

    Some will ditch the wheels ASAP for some lightweight track wheels, or showwheels, others like myself will opt for spacers first then move onto the "summer" set. Depending on the depth of the rear fenders, some nice deep lip wheels would look amazing.
  6. TaroBaapG35

    Should Nissan make a 300hp base model Z?

    The details were on the official Nissan communication that were released during the Z launch in NY. Screenshot below Also link: Note that this says based on latest product info at that time (launch day). The...
  7. TaroBaapG35

    Hmm, about the VR30DDTT......

    Re Recirc is badass. The quicker boost recharge keeps it in the gears longer. If it's not included, should be an easy enough mod, no?
  8. TaroBaapG35

    370Z vs 2023 Z

    I second these comments; i had my 370z from 2014-2018, loved every second of it, but the oil temps were def the biggest issue I had (even on slightly hooning around the city). The power to weight wasn't an issue for me then as it was the most powerful car I had driven, but now, after FI and the...
  9. TaroBaapG35

    Should Nissan make a 300hp base model Z?

    Since the official documents provided by Nissan state that both Sport/Performance get the 400hp motor, the thought might be that a 300hp "base" model might be released sometime after Spring or in parallel. As all manufacturer's are doing right now, the higher/more expensive models release first...
  10. TaroBaapG35

    Photos: Gun Metallic Nissan Z spotted on transport truck

    These damn sneak peeks are getting annoying now. Just give us pricing and/or start reviewing already. I want to see deep dive into gauge cluster and obviously driving impressions. 95% sure we'll see reviews around Christmas/new years time.
  11. TaroBaapG35

    The car(s) you wish you had back?

    Both my 370z and g35. 370z was first manual and was 90% setup the way I wanted. G35 was becoming a maintenance PITA but that car got me through undergrad, relationships and grad school. Nothing can replace that car for me. It was also my first car so so pretty sentimental for a carnut like me.
  12. TaroBaapG35

    Sport vs Performance Trims Spec Sheets

    Still no concrete/verified information regarding pricing. Its all still up in the air. Different interviews have stated diff starting base/sport trim prices ($38k or $40k). So $43k-$48k could be perf pricing, but who knows...:/ maybe we'll get details soon once production examples go out to...
  13. TaroBaapG35

    Sport vs Performance Trims Spec Sheets

    All the differences are laid out here on the spec sheets. No one knows what the ACTUAL physical difference in terms of wheel, spoiler (possibly) are between the sport and performance as Nissan displayed only performance specs during the unveiling...
  14. TaroBaapG35

    Fairlady Was Never a Supra Contender... Until Z?

    Exterior wise, I think both cars look good (in their own respective ways, with the Supra being more curvy, and the Z being a bit sharper), but interior looks, the Z wins. Plus no manual option in supra :D, so Z > Supra
  15. TaroBaapG35

    NISMO Z Configuration Poll - What Specs Would You Like to See?

    lol, Depending on what (If anything) has changed from the Q50/Q60 VR30 to the Z's engine, and what Soho and other reputable tuners can eek out performance wise (safely) on this platform, I'll most likely get tuned much in advance of the 36k. I love the mods I currently have on my S4, and that...
  16. TaroBaapG35

    NISMO Z Configuration Poll - What Specs Would You Like to See?

    4 hours here for Z1. Soho motorsports is in my backyard and they've already let their Supra go in prep for the Z.
  17. TaroBaapG35

    NISMO Z Configuration Poll - What Specs Would You Like to See?

    Just like the german manufacturers underreport their hp/tq numbers, the VR30 is also underreported. By even a simple intake/exhaust, the dyno's have yield much higher numbers then stock. with jb4, @ 4psi on muffler delete & 91 octane, Q50 Red sport runs 400WHP and 438WTQ... I'm using SOHO's car...
  18. TaroBaapG35

    Which Z trim model are you getting? 2.0 ver (after reveal)

    Both packages will undercut Supra 3.0, but Nismo might might be right there. As per Alfonso's interview w/Motoman(which seems like my basis for most of my theories) he talks about the different power levels (Assuming 400+ is possibility for Nismo, or sub-400 for an entry level to "match" the...
  19. TaroBaapG35

    New videos of the 2023 Nissan Z driving w/ more exhaust sound

    Not sure if this has been shared, but at :38 you can hear the car revving a bit higher to get uphill. Sounds pretty good for stock.
  20. TaroBaapG35

    What was your first manual car?

    Dis fat