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  1. DarkPhysicx

    Lotus emira price is out. vs Z !

    I'm doing everything I can to justify a $75k+ car with 4 cylinders, it's tough especially with the competition in that price range. The Z at half the price has more HP than the base Lotus. I know there's much more to a car than HP but damn. Maybe a used one 2 years post release when it's like...
  2. DarkPhysicx

    Gun Metallic 2023 Nissan Z spotted in the Wild [Video]

    My hot take, grey/silver cars just blend in with each other and look stale (gunmetal grey is okay). I'm personally aiming for a passion red Z, but wrapping it in gloss sky blue. Really make it pop in an ocean of grey/black/white cars. It's still nice don't get it twisted, I'll gladly drive that...
  3. DarkPhysicx

    A disappointment dressed in a manual gearbox and V6 disguise

    "Alpine A110s, Porsche Caymans, BMW M2s, Toyota Supras and the upcoming Lotus Emira." This writer really put these as Zs "strict" competition?! All these brand new are a minimum of $10k more expensive, Emira is est at $75k lol, different class of vehicles. STis, Golf R, Type R, yes....these...
  4. DarkPhysicx

    The All-New 2022 Subaru WRX (Teased)

    This guy made a few tweaks and made it look way better in my opinion, still eh but fixes a lot of my issues with it. He made tail lights thinner and lit up the plain black bar, exhaust tips higher to fit housing, duck tail instead of weird spoiler thing, bigger wheels, and lowered the tall diffuser.
  5. DarkPhysicx

    Car prep/protection tips for Winter? (Chicago)

    Hello fellow "Great Lakeians", I live in the Chicago suburbs and as you know the snow can get absurd. I plan on keeping my FWD 10' Mazda 3 as a daily as much as I can, but I gotta be realistic. I'm going to want to drive my Z. Also the Mazda is getting old, chances get higher by the day it's...
  6. DarkPhysicx

    Colors for 2023 Nissan Z: Black Diamond Metallic, Gun Metallic, Rosewood Metallic, Brilliant Silver, Boulder Gray, Seiran Blue, Ikazuchi Yellow, Passion Red TriCoat, Everest White Pearl

    I'm planning on wrapping the new Z in a baby blue/sky blue, similar to that beamer baby blue but more pop, I've always loved that color.
  7. DarkPhysicx

    What will stop you from owning the new Z?

    Student loans, oh and the fact that my SSN was marked as deceased last year and my credit is still in limbo. It was at 780 now I'm at 0 or "not enough credit history"...yay me. Still figuring it out with the bureaus who are dragging to do anything! Other than that if it truly is significantly...
  8. DarkPhysicx

    What does everyone do for a living?

    Just became a Registered Nurse this month. Finally making the "big bucks" compared to retail jobs I've had before.