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  1. Eric48

    are you trading in to get the Z?

    At first I was going to part out the R and trade/sell it to pay for the Z, but now I'm thinking I might want to keep both and just finance the Z. The extra storage and insurance might be a bitch though. I still have to run the numbers.
  2. Eric48

    Need y’all’s opinion… Q60 redsport vs Z

    I guess it really comes down to what you want/need. Do you want a 2 seat sportscar or a 2+2 coupe? Would you rather have more performance or more amenities? Coming from the BRZ I'm guessing you'd be better off with the Z, unless you wanna switch things up and go a little more upmarket. Keep...
  3. Eric48

    What purpose will your Z serve?

  4. Eric48

    Nissan Z demographics

    At least one of our fellow members here is in his 80's and owns a GT-R. I wouldn't mind being the same in that instance. 😂
  5. Eric48

    Toyota GR Corolla

    They're cool little cars. Maybe just slightly too small for my liking, but I always appreciate seeing em. I'm just a sucker for a 2 door hot hatch. I don't doubt the new GR Corolla will be a 5d but I'm still glad to see a spiritual successor to the GT-S/GT-Apex. Not a lot whole lot of room...
  6. Eric48

    Nissan 400Z tire and wheel predictions

    Any word on width and offset yet? I'm curious to see what I might be able to get away with when ruining Nissans careful design and engineering.
  7. Eric48

    Which color Z interior are you getting?

    Depending on the shade of red we get I might change my mind but right now I voted black. I'm already tired of the red seats in the R. It might be time for a change.
  8. Eric48

    Chip Foose redesigns the 2023 Z - upgrade or downgrade?

    I saw this the other day in my news feed. Seeing just the headline first I figured he'd give us something cool. You can't always win I guess. Total downgrade.
  9. Eric48

    Dealers Already Plan on Marking Up Nissan Z Prices, Like This +$45K Markup For Z Proto Spec Edition

    It's not just Toyota. It's across the board. Maybe not always that crazy, but that's Cali for you. As much as I hate ADM, it could be said that in the current market, it's rewarding the salespeople that stick around. There are no cars to sell right now. No inventory = no sales = no...
  10. Eric48

    Toyota GR Corolla

    Am I crazy for thinking this is the 86 that should have been? Not to put down the BRZ/86, its a fantastic car, but I personally wanted to see the return or successor to the Corolla GT-Apex as an actual Corolla. This could be really good!
  11. Eric48

    A Legend Returns: New Acura Integra Coming for a New Generation

    I knew this was coming, but still, big no.
  12. Eric48

    A Legend Returns: New Acura Integra Coming for a New Generation

    It's such a pig. Integra in name only. 😞
  13. Eric48

    More looks at Z Sport trim 18” wheels

    They're ok. Nothing special, but not ugly either. Stock wheels are always a compromise. The performance spec coming with Rays are a nice touch but I have a feeling a lot of people in the enthusiast community will likely ditch those too.
  14. Eric48

    All 2023 Nissan Z Colors Rendered

    I've never noticed one on the road. Looks like its got some color flip to it. Thats pretty cool.
  15. Eric48

    All 2023 Nissan Z Colors Rendered

    Is it weird that even though I'm not a fan of bright colors (for myself) , I'm disappointed there aren't more bright colors? Both green and orange are classic Z colors and conspicuously absent, even though the rogue has both color options available.
  16. Eric48

    All 2023 Nissan Z Colors Rendered

    I've talked a lot of smack about silver cars in my life, but depending on the depth of the pearl I might lean towards Brilliant Silver, if I don't like Boulder Gray in person. I though I'd prefer body color, but the black roof really lends something to the lines on this car.
  17. Eric48

    Water exiting from Exhaust ?

    A2WIC is a closed system that doesnt cross with the intake or exhaust, it's not the IC, and it's far too much to be condensation. I'm still going with pre show washing. I wouldnt worry about muffler life, the two display units have powder or ceramic coated piping. @Dan_Passe Care to enlighten...